It’s official, the countdown to school has begun. 3 weeks from today. I’m ready, the kids are ready, it’s time. We have had an awesome summer and still have two more camping trips, but I think we’re all happy that school starts in just a few weeks.

Breakfast this morning was a dippy egg and an english muffin with a little bit of butter and a banana on the side. Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m constantly amazed that such a smaller amount of food is filling me up now…not complaining!!

And this egg was cooked perfectly! Just enough yolk to dip one half of my muffin in. The last few times I’ve made eggs, they have been half dippy/half too done.

Lunch: I have been craving sandwiches like nobodies business. I just can’t get enough! I was in the middle of doing laundry and dishes and a million other things, so I didn’t want to go get anything. I can’t make good sandwiches at home. No matter how hard I try, they never turn out right. This one was ok.

Whole wheat bread, salami, cheddar cheese, tomato slices from my Grandma’s garden, mayo, mustard and sliced pickles

With a plum.

Since my lunch was just ok and I still had a crazy strong desire for a good sandwich, I went somewhere I haven’t been in probably two or three years. Subway!

This sucker hit the spot. So freaking delicious.

Spicy BMT with pickles, tomatoes, olives and banana peppers.

I really need to go more!!!

And now I’m off to finish more laundry and start packing!! My husband will be staying home this weekend to finish the work inside from the roof leak and the kids and I are heading west for the weekend.



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