Last night I was cooking dinner when my daughter yelled MOOOOMMMMMM, come here quick!!!!!! I ran to the toy room and saw a sagging ceiling with water dripping. Yay. I called my husband who thankfully was able to leave work ASAP and come figure out what was going on. My uncle also came over and patched the roof as best he could while the husband ripped out the wet drywall.


Since the rain is going to continue for today and tomorrow, the actual roof repair can’t happen until Sunday. Until then, we have it patched and some tarps down just in case.


It’s been raining most of the morning and so far, so good. A drop falls about once every 5 minutes or so, just keeping my fingers crossed nothing else happens and the repair goes smoothly.


See that little wet spot? That’s the tiny little leak that caused so much damage!!!

Moving on, I tried bringing eggs back today for breakfast. I use the term loosely. I couldn’t finish this plate without gagging. I think I’m done with eggs for awhile.



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