Roasted to Perfection


For the past few weeks, we have done way too much eating out. While it’s been fun and everyone likes staying out late, school is starting in 3.5 weeks which means it’s time for dinners at home and getting back on a school routine. I’m really not sure the last time we had dinner at home, but I made a menu for this week and so far, we are actually sticking to it. Yes, I realize it’s only Wednesday.

Ever since I spotted roasted broccoli slaw on Stuft Mama’s blog, I’ve been in love. I accidentally picked up a package of rainbow salad instead of broccoli slaw and I think it might be better. It has bigger chunks of broccoli in it instead of just shredded broccoli.


After I took these pictures of dinner, I mixed all of it together for one delicious pile of goodness. Flavor in every bite.



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