Feels Like Fall

After the insanely hot and dry summer we have been having this year, you will never hear me complain about cold temps again. This was not a good year for the air conditioning to go out in the van, we have not been driving much because none of us feel like melting as we drive. Once temps get over 80, I start getting hot and cranky…me and intense heat do not go well together.

But today, today is like a breath of fresh air. The air conditioner is turned off, windows are open and it’s 64 degrees outside…with a high of 70 predicted. Oh, thank goodness. It’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow and I am loving every minute of it.

I started this morning off with a bowl of cheerios and sliced bananas.


No chia seeds, no nut butters, no fancy milk. Just straight up cereal from my childhood. Not saying there is anything wrong with adding a bunch of stuff to cereal, but as much as I tried liking cereal like that, it wasn’t me.


Perfect start to a perfect day!



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