20 Down

For the past 4 years, I have obsessed. Obsessed over every little thing:

  • How many calories should I eat every day?
  • I didn’t drink 100 oz of water today, I’ll never lose weight now…
  • Great, the whole family wants to go out to eat, guess I’ll just get fatter
  • I only worked out 5 days instead of 6 this week
  • I had carbs with dinner AND lunch today

And so many more, I can’t even list all of them, but these were the top obsessions. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was doing an experiment and I’m so happy to tell you that it’s still working, I’m currently 20 lbs down and words can’t express how happy I feel.

I’ve learned that the food rules I set up for myself, were doing nothing but driving me crazy. I don’t force myself to eat salads or a certain amount of fruits and vegetables during the day. I don’t count glasses of water anymore or calories in my gum. I don’t freak out about going to get ice cream with the family, I embrace it.

I have been put off posting this, because I didn’t want people to get upset…then I realized that’s as ridiculous as the obsessing was. I have received a few emails and messages that there is no way I can lose weight eating fast food and drinking diet coke…but guess what? I have. I don’t subscribe to food being “good” or “bad” anymore. I used to gorge myself one day with a promise of “being good” the following day. Since I don’t restrict myself, I no longer feel the need to gorge myself on “bad” foods and stop when I’m no longer hungry.

It’s a miracle and so freaking happy and excited I could scream!!!


2 thoughts on “20 Down

  1. Congratulations!!! I always find myslef having an all or nothing mentality when it comes to food and excersice. And that always sets me up to fail, always. It’s a balancing game. I may eat “perfect” for a week but that always comes to a screaching hault. I am much more happy, and feel better, when I try to eat sensibly, but also eat what I want and am craving.

    OMG. Longest comment ever. Congrats again! Your awesome and I love reading your blog!

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