Another Sad and Striking Reality

Yesterday at church I had a sad moment. After church, I was standing in the foyer, waiting for my husband and my son. There is an older couple in our congregation, probably in their 80’s. They have about 50 grand kids. The husband was in the foyer with me as well. As I was standing there, I noticed a girl, probably about 5 or 6, start to run up the hallway towards us. She started yelling with great excitement, “grandpa, grandpa, grandpa!”. He got a huge smile on his face, turned towards his granddaughter, opened his arms, picked her up and hugged and kissed her. It was so tender and sweet and it touched me. I was struck with the sudden realization that I will never get to see my baby girl run up the hallway into my Dad’s arms because he’s gone. I started to cry. Two and a half years later and things like this are still hard for me. It’s the next day and I’m still getting tears in my eyes thinking about it. Yes, the days are easier now, but things like this still rip my heart in two.


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