My Poor Foot

I’ve been battling some pretty bad right foot pain since last August.  I have been to see a podiatrist, gotten custom orthotics, and even had a cortisone injection.  My poor foot is so beat up.  The half marathon and marathon training aren’t really helping, either.  But still, I press on.  I mentioned before that my husband got me a pair of Brooks Trance 11 for Mother’s Day.  I like them, but I always slide to the right side of my foot when I am running.  So I get a blister on my toe every time I run in them, too.  The bad spot is in the middle of my foot, right below the second and third toe.  That dark spot, callusy thing.








It could get worse though.  My foot could fall off.  Oh wait.  I think it is!!!









About a week ago I started getting horrible itching and burning.  Being a many year sufferer of athlete’s foot I knew what was coming.  It turned into a massive eruption.  So nasty.  I’ve totally scratched myself raw.  My foot is swollen.  But, still I press on….  And please no comments about my weird feet!  But I know you’re loving my 4th of July glitter pedicure.


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