Massive Photo Dump Post

finally getting a chance to upload some of the 500+ pictures I took when I was in Michigan.  I can hardly believe it’s been almost 2 months since I was there.  That makes me sad.  And as usual, crappy wordpress is giving me fits.

This is my family after my sister in law, Sarah’s, baptism.  This isn’t even everyone!

My step-mom (my mama) took us to get pedicures for Mother’s Day.  This was Jen’s first pedicure.  I think she’s in love.






This was on our drive to the dunes.  Jen and I drove up together.  Whenever I see skies like this, I always think our dad is saying HI.  It was my first time being at the dunes without him.  I got so sad.  I knew he would have loved to be there with all of us.

Some random scenery on the drive.

Finally!  We arrived just as the sun was setting.  Sorry for the crappy picture, it was from the passenger side.

The first morning, we made our lunches, packed up all the crap you need to take 4 kids to the beach, and went.  It was kind of cold, but way more refreshing then sitting at a hot and dirty campground.  The kids had a great time.

I was sitting peacefully in my chair, reading and listening to music when I heard Jen screaming!  “Tara!  Get over here!  There’s a snake on the beach!”  One thing you need to know about Jen, is that snakes, spiders, bugs, anything creepy crawly, sends her into a tailspin.  The snake in question was like 6 inches long.  Tiny.  I told her it was a RATTLER.  YOU KNOW.  Being the awesome older sister that I am.

After the snake adventure, we went back to the campground and my brother offered to drive us out to the dunes to see some rednecks awesome trucks

Can you believe this?  I think this is one of my favorites.

As usual, wordpress is giving me a giant headache trying to get all these pictures into one post.  I apologize!  I mean, seriously.  Why does this not work for me?  I really hate wordpress.

Turtle Sundae from Bubba Q’s, YUMMO!







Crowded holiday weekend at the dunes


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