Where Did My Motivation Go?

I feel like sitting around and being a fat, lazy, troll sloth.  Where did my feel good mojo go from last week?  I’ll attribute it to PMS, a long weekend with hardly any rest, not sleeping well, too much diet Coke and not enough water, and crap food.  Ugh.  When will I ever learn?  3 miles is on the schedule for today, and I’m honestly not feeling it.  How pathetic. 

So…what are your tricks to keeping yourself motivated?  I’m feeling so blah.  Running a marathon seems so overwhelming today.


5 thoughts on “Where Did My Motivation Go?

  1. I have the hardest time getting back into the swing of things after vacation too! Last week I finally decided that it wasn’t about being perfect it was just about doing something, anything, most days. Did I do yoga in the mornings? Run 3 miles at least once? No, but I walked a LOT, ran a little and moved almost everyday. Sometimes just doing something helps me to get back in the habit and get motivated again! Now I’m just trying to do more this week!

  2. Because of work obligations, I haven’t worked out since last Friday and it is so hard to get back on track! Luckily I am taking tomorrow off and will be walking the streets of Chicago tomorrow, so I will have my comfy shoes on! Hang in there!

  3. there are times where i feel like its stressful maintaining a healthy lifestyle and all i wanna do is lay on the couch. but i start slowly.. i take walks.. i go on a short run.. i eat a certain amount of veggies. it doesnt have to be stressful and when it does take a break.. and do other physical active things that dont have such a high intensity

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