I Haven’t Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth

I’m still here! I just have been trying to soak up every minute of family time until my plane heads back to California this afternoon. We have had such a great time here in Michigan. Seeing Jen, my niece and nephews, “stitch and bitch” with my step-mom, camping, sand dunes, my vacation puppies Maddie and Murphy, a run here and there….phew. I miss everyone here so terribly when I am home, that I have just been focusing on them. I’ve hardly checked my email. I look at Facebook a couple of times a day instead of every 10 minutes! And I’m very sad that 12 days has gone by so fast. I’m glad I took so many pictures which I will hopefully share here on Friday. My plane lands at 10:30 tonight and I’m hitting the ground running with work and meetings all day tomorrow. I want to move here, but my hubs says nope, not gonna happen. Wonder if he would mind it if I came out here every month? Lol….


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