2012 Orange County Half Marathon Finisher! And Race Review

This has not been the best week for me, and after my disastrous 12 miler during training, I was really nervous about the race this morning. Yesterday was my grandpa’s funeral and I was in 6 inch heels from 8am until 2pm, and we had guests over until 11pm last night. I had not slept well on Friday night either. My left foot was really bothering me last night and this morning.

Friday afternoon was the race expo. It was a total fail. It was at the Orange County fairgrounds, and I was a little bitter because I had to pay $5 to go pick up my packet. So I was already annoyed, then I saw the huge line I had to wait in, just to get in to the expo. Can we say lame? Also, I never got an email from the timing company with my bib number and corral assignment so I had to look those up, too. Once I got inside the actual expo, it was like chaos. If I could have dropped out of the race right then and gotten my money back, I would have. The lines for the shirts were huge. The chips had the shirt size on them, and it cut off the second letter on everyone’s. I registered for a 2xl v-neck shirt, and they didn’t have ANY v-necks, AND, they refused to give me a 2x shirt. Those shirts run small! So I was already totally pissed, thinking great, I spent $75 for a crappy shirt I won’t even wear! Started going around to the booths and people in the expo were such jerks, I guess they don’t know how to wait in a line. I must’ve gotten my feet stepped on 4 times. It was so crowded, you could barely make your way in between the booths. I was kind of excited because they had Mamma Chia drinks for samples. I’d never tried them before and I need some! They’re a little funky with the chia seeds in them, but I really liked the taste of the juice. I really wanted a pace band, but no one had them :(. I got even more nervous about the race because it was obvious that it was going to be huge, and that it wasn’t that well organized.

So as I mentioned, yesterday was a very difficult and emotional day. We lived with my grandpa after my mom and dad got divorced, from when I was 3 until I was almost 7. My grandpa was almost like a second dad to me. The luncheon was subway 6 foot subs, yum! And the most amazing desserts from The Cheesecake Factory and Zov’s Bistro. Think tuxedo cheesecake, s’mores bars, and lemon bars. I couldn’t eat a ton because I knew I would pay for it during the race.

This morning, I had to get up at 4am, to get ready, make my breakfast, and get over to the finish line to park my car. Since this was a point to point race, the race organizers had shuttles to take the runners to the starting line. After the disorganized expo, I was scared of how that was all going to work, so I wanted to allow myself plenty of time. There was a ton of traffic around the area because all the roads were already closed. Surprisingly, the shuttles ran very smoothly and I only had to wait about 7 minutes for the shuttle.

Arriving at the starting line, I was greeted by massive port a potty lines. I got in line right away and made it to my corral with only 2 minutes to spare! Before I knew it, we were off! The course was amazing. It started in Fashion Island, then through downtown Corona del Mar

Then along Ocean Blvd

There was a lot to see! I loved seeing the ocean. Then the course went through more areas of Newport Beach, by Balboa Island, then along the “Back Bay”. Because all the roads were closed, the course never seemed too crowded. Around mile 9, my hips really started to get tight, and I was getting tired.


Mile 10 was easily the hardest of the race. Massive hill, but what goes up must come down, right? There were a lot of spectators and there were some awesome signs!


At this point, I knew I was not going to PR, but I was okay with that. I just focused on listening to my body and walked when I needed to. I think if I had pushed myself harder during training, I could have ran faster. I also really need to work on my focus and clearing my mind so I can “just keep running”! I was however, really proud of myself for not stopping on the side of the course for any breaks. I may have walked but I never stopped. Also, I texted Jen for some support which totally helped me to keep going. Have I mentioned, she is the best sister ever?
I finished in just over 3 hours. I definitely didn’t set any records but I actually feel good. My feet are bothering me, but I’m icing. I was stiff and I’ll definitely be using my foam roll later, but overall, I liked this race. My kids, my husband, and my mom and step dad were all there at the finish line.
Here is my picture after I came out of the race chute.

After I was done, we went to my car and sat there trying to exit the parking lot for 30 minutes. We ended up re-parking and walking a mile to my mom’s car and going out to breakfast.
It was a great day, even if I didn’t PR. Half marathon #3 is in the books!


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