On Friday, I had a 12 mile run on the schedule.  With only two weeks to go until my next half-marathon, I am starting to get nervous.  I’ve done this distance before, so I don’t know why I would doubt myself that I will be able to finish the race.  I just do.  I have not been fast this training cycle, but I have definitely blown off way less runs than ever before.  I should be the fastest I have ever been, but I am slow, slow, slow.   However, I am getting the work done.

Last Tuesday I ran 7.3 miles along the beach.  Wednesday, I ran 4.29 miles on the treadmill on the gym.  I was all set to run actually, on Saturday.  Thursday night, my husband asked me  if I was going to run on Friday.  I told him, no, because my daughter had a dentist appointment in the morning, and it was supposed to be 86 degrees on Friday, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to even start running until 9:30am at the earliest.  Besides, on these long runs, I prefer to just run “out”, and not “back” too.  It’s just so discouraging!  I didn’t have anyone to come pick me up on Friday either.  Well, my husband threw an absolute fit because he wanted to go play basketball on Saturday morning.  Does your husband/boyfriend/significant other do this?  Make all these grand plans and then never say one word about it to you until you say that you have something going on?  It makes me crazy.  I explained to him that this would be my last run before the race, and I knew that it was going to be way too hot to run Friday.  Well, sometimes, I have to make compromises, so I decided I would have to run Friday.

I left my house at 9:30, it wasn’t too hot but I made sure to put a TON of sunblock on.  I was golden until about mile 5.  By this time it was 10:30 and it was really getting hot.  There was not any shade on my chosen path.  I started really struggling mentally, and I hate to say it, but I was thinking of how much I hated my husband.  I got to the halfway point, turned around to head back, and was just so discouraged that I had 6 more miles to go.  At about mile 7, I realized that I was almost out of water in my camelbak.  I should have taken my husbands, as it holds 120 ounces, but it’s a backpack and I look so lame running with it.  Mine only holds 50 ounces.  Mile 7 was in a park and there was a drinking fountain.  Normally I would not drink out of these drinking fountains but I was desperate!  Well, of course, the thing barely worked and I couldn’t really get any water into the camelbak without spilling what was left so I abandoned my attempts and kept going.  Now, I should also say, that this running path is pretty much downhill on the “out”, and pretty much uphill on the “back”.  I could just not wrap my head around running at all anymore around mile 8.  I have a friend that lives close to where I was, and I tried calling her to see if I could come to her house and get some water and a ride home.  I think I was delirious at this point.  I made it to mile 9, walking, and then mile 10.  At mile 10 there is a huge sports park and they had a WORKING DRINKING FOUNTAIN!! Yay sports park!!  It didn’t work perfectly but I was able to get more water and as an added bonus, the huge sprinklers for the grass were on too, so it was like a mister.  What I really wanted to do was run naked through the sprinklers, but I refrained.  I made it to mile 11 and let me just say, I was thinking of anyone and everyone that I could call to come pick me up.  The last mile to my house is up a steep hill.  I knew if I stopped to rest, that I would not have time to shower and make it to my massage appointment, because it was now 3.5 hours later and I had not allowed enough time for myself.  I was getting so discouraged with my Garmin that I just turned it off.  I was hot and so upset and now stressed because the thought of that massage seriously pushed me through some very tough miles. 

I finally made it home.  I wanted to take an ice bath but I only had time for a very cold shower.  I made it in time for my massage, which was heaven.  When it was over, I just wanted to lay there and take a nap.  I think I drank 150 ounces of water on Friday.  When I got home, I was so spent, my stomach was so upset that I could not even think about eating, but I had actually planned and had spaghetti sauce cooking in the crock pot.  Yay for meal planning!  All I had to do was roast my veggies and boil the noodles.  I love homemade spaghetti with meat sauce and I usually have a huge heaping plate of pasta, but I just was afraid I was going to throw up if I ate too much. 

Total mileage last week:  23.59

This week I will taper down quite a bit.  I’m going to do (3)–4 mile runs and one 8 mile run.  It is supposed to be cooler this week so I should have no problem getting this done.  Goals for the week are to not have any “crap” miles and clean eating.


2 thoughts on “Overtraining?

  1. Your running distance is very impressive! Be proud of what you accomplished. A lot of people experience the “burnout” near the end of the events that they are training for. Like you said, you get to taper now which will be wonderful!

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