Grocery Haul

I always love the posts people put up about what they get at the grocery store and never remember to do one myself until the groceries are put away, and I’m not crazy enough to get them back out to take pictures…sorry! But, today I remembered, not sure if that makes you lucky or unlucky. Keep in mind that we are a family of 5 (two adults and three kids who are 9,7 and 4). A lot of the items I needed today were our standard pantry and snack items, so I didn’t take pictures of those because my little grocery helper had already taken the bags into the pantry for me. Typically, I go shopping on Monday mornings, but I really didn’t have to until today, so the groceries I purchase today will only have to last until next Monday. Up first, vegetables:


  • baby spinach
  • celery/carrot/ranch dip – Sometimes I need a quick afternoon snack and it’s nice to have one prepared already
  • 2 (1lb) bags of carrots
  • vine tomatoes
  • green bell peppers



  • bananas
  • strawberries
  • kiwi (these were 5 for $2 today, could not pass that up!)


  • Oikos yogurts for me (I found these because they are the cheapest greek yogurt and I’m all about bargain shopping and now they are my favorite brand of greek yogurt)
  • Danimals yogurt smoothies for the kiddies
  • Cream cheese (my two oldest are loving bagels with cream cheese for breakfast lately)


  • Red wine vinegar (for salad dressings)
  • Raspberry jelly (for egg sandwiches)


  • Sparkling water (to mix with juices and fresh lemons…seriously trying hard to kick my diet coke habit)
  • Orange juice

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