Weekly Recap and Saucony Scoot Capri Review

This week has been a whirlwind of activity! I did three runs this week for a total of 20.13 miles. Yesterday was my long run. I wanted to only run 10 miles but I ended up doing 11 because I had to get to a place where my husband could pick me up. I usually do my long runs on Fridays but it was pouring down rain and I absolutely, no way, do not run ten miles on the treadmill. Saturday morning was sunny and cold. I woke up at five, intending to go early but I just took my time getting ready and eating a little snack so it was closer to 7 when I left. I bought a pair of Saucony scoot capris and was so excited to try them out, but that didn’t work out (more on that in a bit), so I wore something else and left. I got to talk to Jen for a little while during my run but then I stopped so we could finish our conversation. I miss her! I was pretty slow for the first 2 miles but picked things up after mile 3. I still walk during my runs, mostly because I’m totally ADD and can’t keep my focus for that long. My average pace, though, even when I totally hit a wall after mile 9, was about 14 minute miles. Most were faster but some were much longer. I was really proud of myself that I was able to finish 11 miles. I had my husband drive me to the store after to get a 20 pound bag of ice. I dumped that into a cold water bath and 5 minutes of sheer torture minutes later I got out and took a shower. I was in a hurry to go somewhere with my grandma and remembered to make my Nuun and eat a yogurt but forgot all about wearing my compression socks! Luckily, the ice bath really helped and my legs and hips aren’t even sore today.

While I was out with my grandma, we got some sad news about my grandpa. He’s 92 years old and his body is just giving out on him. The nurse told my aunt that she didn’t think he was going to make it through the evening so we immediately went to the nursing home. Maybe having all of us there helped him because he was talking and listening to all of us but most of the time had his eyes closed and was having some trouble breathing. I know that he won’t be here too much longer. I was just hoping that he wouldn’t die on 4/13. I already have enough horrid memories of that day. My grandpa made it through the night and is doing about the same today.

I can’t believe that Friday was the 2 year anniversary. Because I live in California, Jen had to call me that day. I was at work. I answered my phone when I saw it was her and heard her crying. I thought something had happened to one of the kids. I never could have predicted her calling me to say “Dad’s dead”. I had to leave work right away. I don’t know how I drove my car the 18 miles back to my house. I was in nursing school at that time, just about to graduate, and we had a test the next day about trauma. I think I called my husband first and then my nursing instructor to see if I could skip the test. Who else I called, I can’t remember. I just remember people showing up sat my house and feeling numb like it wasn’t really happening. One of the worst days of my life, for sure. I had to take my test and all I could think about while reading about trauma nursing was if he had suffered, what kind of injuries he must have had, if he could have been saved. We flew to Michigan the day after the accident. That whole weekend was a blur. It seemed like just getting dressed took about 2 hours. But what I loved is that all of us were there, staying up super late every night talking about all the great times we had together. Our childhood wasn’t perfect but we did have some great times! I miss my dad and still sometimes forget he isn’t here anymore, but I have more good days than bad now, and can smile when I think of him instead of crying.

Now onto the review of the Saucony scoot Capri. I read about these capris on the blog of a runner I really am in awe of, Dorothy Beal. I loved these capris because they looked longer than others I had tried and thought they might stay around my calves during runs. They came in the mail on Tuesday and was saving them for my long run. When I took them out of the box I noticed that they didn’t have a drawstring. I usually buy drawstring bottoms only because without it they always fall off! I put them on, loved the fit, but the waistband kept rolling over because I’m a fat troll. I got all ready to leave, got 500 feet down my street, and already had to pull the pants up 3 times. I went back home, changed underwear, went about 100 more feet, and had to go home and change into a different pair of pants. The scoot capris were not cheap and I will be mailing them back tomorrow and ordering another pair of capris from Saucony with a drawstring. Like I said, I loved the length, cut, and fabric, but having to pull up my pants 4000 times during a long run is a deal breaker ( at least for me–maybe I’m weird like that?)

Do you do long runs when you aren’t training for a specific race?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap and Saucony Scoot Capri Review

  1. Hey Tara – way to get out there and get that run in!! Sometimes its not the pace but the distance – pretty sure I’ve not gone that far in over 15 years – woot!

    Yep, losing your Dad the way you and Jen did is just so sad. My Dad was sick, so while we knew it was coming, it doesn’t make it any easier. It will be 14 years this September that my Dad has been gone, but we are no longer sad – of course we miss him, but we smile when we talk about him and it doesn’t hurt as much.

    I hate pants like that!! I have a muffin top and only certain pants will do – although I do wear a size small bra shirt – its got a racing back and is long so I usually wear that to keep me all in when I run – most pants don’t fall down when I am wearing that.

  2. Oh my gosh, I have the same problem with running pants! If they don’t have a drawstring in them its over. I tried running in a pair before I knew better and it was ridiculous. I was doing some sort of weird run/waddle while holding my pants up with both hands. I lasted a mile and called it quits. Those pants are officially retired!

  3. Long runs are def. something I struggle with when I am not training for a race. And, more often then not – I am not training for a race! Instead of tracking mileage I go for time. Ex: I am going to go on a run for an hour today. Let the distance fall where it may.. Less pressure that way!

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