Two Years

I’m really trying to keep it together today, and I thought this year would be easier than last year…it’s not. I was doing ok, until I received a family group text from my mom at 9:40 this morning asking for a moment of silence. That moment marked two years of heartache. Two years ago, I was at my parent’s house calling anyone and everyone, my brother was driving all over the place in search of my Dad. He was supposed to meet me  a couple hours earlier and never showed up and we were trying to find him. Not knowing that in one hour (the doorbell rang at 2:19pm) two detectives were going to ring that door bell and re-shape our family and alter our lives forever. When I saw them on the door step, I knew what was happening, I remember shaking my head and saying No, please, no when they asked us to come sit down, but after that, it’s a blur of hyperventilating and hysterical crying.

The past two years have been a time of healing and growing for our family. I feel blessed that we have become stronger instead of breaking apart.

I went to the cemetery this morning and had a good cry and will be going to my mom’s house for dinner tonight.

I will stop for now, but I’m sure Tara will also be posting about this today, so please bear with us.



9 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Im so sorry for your loss. I am sure it’s no easier this year than last and probably won’t ever be on the day you found out your dad passed away.
    Even though he’s not here, I’m sure he lives on in your hearts. He still looks down on you and loves all of you.
    Take it easy today and enjoy dinner at your moms.

  2. Oh Jen, I’m so sorry for your loss.I know I’m late to comment on this post, but I’m thinking of you and sending hugs your way!

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