Crap Food–Bad for the Body AND the Mind

Easter Sunday was sort of a haze for me.  I had Easter at my house, and I agonize to make sure everything is perfect for a week or two beforehand.  I made a lot of the food from scratch, and I was so excited to eat everything.  Here is my menu:

Honeybaked ham (the real deal, not some crap imitation)

Funeral potatoes (made the sauce from scratch instead of using canned soup)

Lion House Rolls (mmmmm……bread)

Green salad

Jello salad (it’s called Grandma salad, it’s my husband’s family recipe)

I bought green beans and asparagus to steam but my mom was distracting me with her criticism and I forgot to cook them (#fail)

Dessert was from scratch banana layer cake with cream cheese frosting, and mini angel food cakes with sliced strawberries and lemon curd (my mom made the lemon curd and I bought the cakes from Costco).

I had a plate of food around 2pm, and went back for seconds because my first plate was half salad and I wanted to try my husband’s attempt at Jello salad (it was AWESOME).  I could barely move the rest of the afternoon and then around 6, I was feeling some relief so I had dessert, a huge slice of banana cake.  Ok, now this is going to be TMI so if you don’t like it then you better skip down to the next paragraph.  I spent the next hour in the bathroom pooping my colon out, and the rest of the evening feeling like complete and utter trash.  I told my husband at 9:30 that night that I had to go to bed, because if I didn’t I was going to puke all over the house. 

Thankfully, my stomach felt better on Monday morning.  Sort of.  My boss is on vacation this week, so I left work early on Monday afternoon and went for a 3 mile run. It was supposed to be a run, but I could not find my groove or stay focused.  I was having tons of issues.  The longest I ran was maybe 2 minutes!  That was the longest I could motivate myself and get inside my head.  My body was screaming out in pain and my calves were totally locked up.  (I digress but I’ve had much less trouble with them since I have {almost} completely eliminated Diet Coke).  I didn’t drink Diet Coke on Easter but I did have a diet Sprite.  I think all that horrid food did a number on my body and mind.  I ended up walking a 5k (3.1 miles) in like 50 minutes which is soooooooooo slow (for me).

Yesterday I wanted to do a medium length run, so I mapped out a 6 mile course close to my house.  I live in a hilly area so I have to scope out the terrain beforehand.  I found a run that looked good, and set out.  Part of the course was a loop.  After 2 miles, I was out of gas.  I wanted to go back to my car.  “Forget 6 miles”, I thought.  “I’m good with 4”.  I was really trying to talk myself into taking the extra 2 miles.  My saving grace was realizing that I would have to run 4 times this week if I wanted to keep my mileage goal.  I did not want to add in an extra run, so where I would have turned left to go back to my car, I turned right to do the additional 2 miles.  I was not fast.  But I got it done, and that’s what matters, right?  I think I am pulling out of the funk which I am sure was caused by my binge on Sunday.

Today I fought all the urges to shop during lunch and went to the gym for some time on the elliptical, some strength training, and 10 minutes on the recumbent bike so I could finish reading People (so bad, I know).  I started out with 3 sets each of 15 of the following: biceps curls, triceps kickbacks, lateral shoulder raises, forward shoulder raises, and under the chin shoulder raises (sorry I don’t know the technical name).  I then did 2 sets of 6 or so cheaters pushups and holding plank position for 15 seconds.  My core is so weak.  I need to do some planks every day so I can stop looking like I’m 7 months pregnant.  Then I did 3 sets of 15 lat pull downs, and some other back lift thingie.  Then elliptical for 30 minutes on Hill Climb, and bike.  YES!  I need to definitely make some time to add in strength training.  I’ve been concentrating on running but I need to add this in, too.  It’s a definite weak area for me.


5 thoughts on “Crap Food–Bad for the Body AND the Mind

  1. Its weird how we can be feeling good & eating good but the minute we have one thing we shouldn’t oh man the feeling of utter crap is fast & quick to the punch. Good job on fighting the urges & heading to the gym instead.

  2. That doesn’t sound like a good day for your body 😦 But hopefully you were able to enjoy time with your family on easter. I’m so proud of you for finishing those 3.1 miles though! I know how hard that is, especially when your body just doesn’t want to cooperate. You’ve made SO much progress! Stick with it!

  3. Yep, the second I eat like crap or overeat, you’ll find me in the bathroom too – and every time I tell myself “was that worth it?”

    I have upped my strength and I am enjoying it – this 30 minute stretch I do is taxing and there aren’t even any weights! Glad you went to the gym instead of shopping – your wallet thanks you too!

    Hang in there!

  4. let’s be honest. we all binge (or at least the normal people of the world). it happens. it sucks when it does and we can’t always pinpoint why (although mine are often stress-related). pick yourself up, and move on. realizing that i don’t have to punish myself after an experience like this (my body does enough of that on its own…) is a powerful realization. good work on your lunchtime workout! sounds like you are already on the right track.

  5. Nice job on the runs, even the first one. You were out there and running and that’s all that matters. Half of it is mental and you stuck with the mental part by just being out there running! I have had many days like that when I eat bad. I sure do pay for it later!

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