Mamavation Monday “{Weekly Weigh In}

If there’s one thing I miss about Weight Watchers, it’s the weekly accountability of weighing in at the center. Just the fact that at the end of the week, I was going to weigh in was usually enough to keep me on track and stay motivated. Once I left Weight Watchers, I stopped weighing myself weekly and even though last week I challenged myself to get on track with exercise again…I took a spring break along with my two kids. I needed a break from the blog, the laptop, counting calories and exercise minutes and obsessing over what foods I was going to or not going to eat. The break was much needed. I know what I need to do and I’m ready to go for it. Unfortunately, I also put on about 4lbs, which I could blame on the reese’s eggs, but I know it was a combination of many things.

This post is so hard for me to write today, I’ve been composing it in my head for a few days now, but keep hesitating to publish. I used to be so active, now it seems most days doing laundry and dishes is active as it gets. I am pretty disgusted that my life revolves around the TV and the DVR. I am home all day with my 4 year old who is really easy going and pretty much entertains himself and does his own thing; apparently I don’t play cars the “right” way.  I used to be the person who was on the go all day long,  trying to squeeze in workouts and outside walks whenever I could, and lately it seems I can’t be bothered to do more than 30 minutes a day. I don’t want to be this person anymore. I want to push myself when I work out, squeeze in exercise whenever I can during the day and most importantly…remove the Jen shaped imprint off the couch.

I have the best intentions at heart, but have the follow through of nothing. I don’t know what my issue has been. I know how to work hard, I know that I want to change, so why am I not changing? It comes down to one thing; laziness. I seem to run away from hard work lately and it’s showing in everything I do. I’ve been putting off everything until the very last second and I hate myself for it. I deserve better, my kids deserve better, my husband deserves better.

So, starting with this week’s weigh in (which I did yesterday morning), I will be weighing in and posting a weekly weigh in.

Starting Weight: 217.8

Current Weight: 217.8


Total Loss:

As for my goals this week, since I really didn’t put in much effort for exercise last week, my goals are the same as they were.

270 minutes and burn a minimum of  2100 calories.


20 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday “{Weekly Weigh In}

  1. I’m so glad that you DID post this. It really helps to just put it out there and face reality. It’s so easy to fall into a “comfortable” pattern- even if it really isn’t that comfortable. I hate when my evenings revolve around DVR, and my husband and I are definitly guilty of that. It’s hard to pull yourself out of it! All I can suggest is to keep in mind how wonderful your body feels when you’re active, and to make it a priority- even if it just means chasing your 4-year old around the park! The warmer weather will definitely help, too!

  2. I hear you Jen – we both know what to do – we just have to push ourselves. I actually laughed when I read “remove the Jen shaped imprint off the couch!”

    We can do this!! I’ll be checking in on your WI’s too! 😀

  3. I commend you honey! This must have been difficult to post…

    At the end of the day you recognize who you are right now, who you used to be and who you want to be moving forward. That’s the key. It’s not going to happen overnight but you are going to get there. Day 1 may be frustrating but day 2, 3, 4 and 50 get better and better!

    You’ve got the plan down and I think you’ve now got the motivation back. I’m here for you!

  4. I love your honesty. and your bravery. Owning where we are and accepting what we need to change is sometimes the hardest part. Have you considered applying to be a Mamavation Mom? Would love to chat with you if you need an extra jump start. Regardless, you can do this. You are in control and You have my support!

  5. My goal for this week is to be able to report on Monday that I didn’t skip a single one of my planned workouts – wanna join me with that goal?
    Have a great week!

  6. You can totally do this! And don’t worry – you’re not the only one who needs a kick in the booty from time to time! I’m with you – I need to get myself moving more and more.

  7. Me thinks my comment did not publish so here it goes again!

    You are making a big step just by setting your goals and putting it all out there for the world to see. You can do this and you are absolutely not alone!

  8. I totally understand the urge to just SIT at the end of the day, or even during the day! Sometimes little ones just take it out of you! Keep it up, it will keep you and your children happy! (and fit)

  9. You’re in the right place,sista! Being a newbie to Mamavation, I can see the love and support – and the honesty – and I know you’re going to be wrapped in the love of the Sistas! I’m so proud of you jumping back in and setting goals to measure your successes by. You can do it, honey, and I’m happy to be able to cheer you on!

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