Weekly Recap and Some Drama

Last week was a good week for me, as far as training goes.  I did a quick 3 mile run on Monday night when I got home from work, a 6-ish mile run on Tuesday, and a 9-ish mile run on Friday.  The Monday run was uneventful, the weather was nice and not too hot.  Tuesday was hot, I ran during the middle of the day, through an ecological preserve.  I saw a 4 foot long snake right in the middle of the road!  At first I thought it was a dead animal, but then it moved right in front of me.  The THING WAS HUGE!  It was just a garter snake, not poisonous, but definitely the biggest garter snake I’d ever seen.  Luckily, I’m not too afraid of non-poisonous snakes.  Rattle snakes, and any other poisonous snake, scare the bejesus out of me!  The 6 mile run was good, I really pushed myself to improve my time, and get in my “marathon mind” and I was about 10 seconds a mile faster than my run on Monday.  My run on Friday was hard.  I was trying to hurry, and my average overall pace was about 30 seconds faster than any other during this training cycle, but I just wanted it to be over.  It was hard physically and mentally.  Let’s face it, 9 miles is a long way.  Sometimes I think, oh 9 miles is nothing, but it really is far.  I did well for about the first 6 miles on this run.  After that, I really had to push myself mentally to keep going.  I run this particular route often, especially when I have my husband home to come pick me up, but I end the run at different points.  I’ve never ran 9 miles on this trail, so I got off the trail at what I *thought* would be a good place to go up to the street and run to where my husband could come pick me up.  I should have just ran back up the trail.  The trail is flat.  The street, I did not know, is one huge massive hill.  So the last mile of my run was all uphill.  I was spent mentally and just walked pretty much the whole last mile.  But I made it for 9 miles.  I added up all my miles for last week and I did 18.5 miles.  I’m going to try for 19.5 this week.

Now, onto the drama.  My husband and I have this friend.  He’s a really cool guy but he talks A LOT of crap.  I’m not sure how we got on the subject but I think I asked my husband if this particular friend ever said anything bad about me.  He said, “Yeah, once he wanted to know if you really run that far, because you never get skinnier”.  My husband did stand up for me, and said, “Yes, she really does run that far, she just likes to eat a lot too”.  I brushed it off, but the more that I thought about it, the more it started to bug me.  Yes.  I am obese.  Yes.  I need to do something.  I’ve been better lately but I think my expectations are just unrealistic.  I want to step on the scale (which needs a new battery and currently isn’t working) and see a Biggest Loser type loss.  Like 10 pounds or so :).  I know I don’t exercise even half as much as the people on the show, but I really try hard and it is so completely frustrating to only sometimes see a 0.5 pound loss.  Obviously there is room for improvement.  Food is my biggest downfall.  I just love to eat.  I don’t know why.  I’m not counting the minutes until my next meal or anything like that, but I just love cooking and eating.  Take yesterday for example.  I planned the Easter dinner for about 2 weeks.  I was so excited!  I definitely ate less than in years past.  I had one plate of food and half of that plate was salad, and then I went back for a second (way smaller) plate and I felt absolutely sick for hours.  We ate around 2pm I couldn’t even eat dessert until 8pm last night!  About 9:30 last night I told my husband that I just needed to go to lay down because I felt so awful.  I way overate!  And I am not proud of it.  Another problem I have is that it is just way too easy and tasty to go out to eat.  I love eating out.  I know that sometimes it just has to be done, but I’ve seriously got to cut back.  Too many calories!

Then, to add insult to injury, my step-daughter posted some pictures of her and her mom on Facebook.  Her mom (my husband’s ex) had gastric sleeve surgery (a new type of gastric bypass, pretty much) about a year ago and is now totally skinny.  I am so tempted to try the HCG diet or get weight loss surgery.  Here are my issues:  I wouldn’t be able to exercise on the HCG diet, and since I’m in a training cycle, that won’t really work for me;  and I feel like gastric surgery for weight loss is kind of like “cheating”?

What do you think?  Is gastric bypass cheating????


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap and Some Drama

  1. I used to think gastric bypass was cheating too, until I have gotten to my heaviest ever! I am attending the classes that are required by my insurance and program I am going to. April 16th will be the sixth month of a monthly nutrition class as required by my insurance. After the insurance approves that I have met all the requirements I will get a surgery date set. I am anticipating some time in the middle of May.

    I am unable to get around very much and can only do work outs in a therapy pool due to medical problems. When someone ask my husband or I about the risk of the surgery, yes, we acknowledge there are risk, but what are the risk of my being morbidly obese? I have both colon and pancreatic cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and melanoma in my immediate family history. I already have hypertension, pre-diabetes, hypothyroid, degenerative disc disease, among other medical problems. If I don’t get this weight off my life expectancy could be quite short. My sister is absolutely against me having the surgery (having the same weight problem I have) and keeps saying “if we just lose 2 lbs a week…”, she has been saying that for years.

    18 months ago I lost 30 lbs, only to gain back 45 lbs after my dad died last year. He made it to 78, at 49 I feel my only hope is to take this route.

    I realize it isn’t for everyone. I was visiting with a lady that was wearing a cervical collar from having surgery on her neck, she said when the fear of not having relief from the constant pain she was having became more than the fear of the surgery, she knew it was the right time to have the surgery. That is exactly how I feel about the bariatric surgery.

    Good luck with your decision…

  2. I don’t think gastric bypass is cheating. It is a huge surgery and doesn’t solve anything forever. It’s a tough row to how in and of itself for sure. Your husband’s ex may be skinny, but she still has a long life to live where she will have to control her diet. Personally, I want to be strong and athletic. The gastric bypass surgery would severely restrict how much I could exercise because it restricts how much you can eat. Yes, I eat alot, but also burn thousands of calories every week with exercise. I’d rather be strong than skinny.

    That being said, I’d be pissed about your so-called friend who basically thinks you are lying about running. Geez. I’m not skinny or getting skinnier despite all the miles either. Whatever. Man, that would piss me off and that person would no longer be someone that I considered a friend.

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