Spring Break

Every year the school year seems to go by faster and faster and this one is no exception. I can’t believe that in a matter of months I will have one child done with 4th grade and one child done with 1st grade! As happy as I was to have a slow, relaxed morning today, I was not happy with the fighting that started at 9am.

After we did some chores, we headed over to our old neighborhood so they could play with their old friends and I’m hanging out with my sister in law and her two kids.

Currently all kids under the age of 5 are taking a nap and my two oldest kids are out playing with their friends. I like how this day is ending WAY better than how it started!!!

Lunch today was something I’ve been craving for at least a week

Egg salad sandwich. I had mine on a sandwich thin and a thick slice of tomato.

Served along side apples slices and a pickle. It was a perfectly filling lunch.

And now I’m off to read a book and enjoy the sun shine on our first day of spring break.


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