Embracing my inner 9 year old

When I was younger, my favorite meal was kielbasa with shells and cheese.


This is me 1980 something…

Is it the healthiest meal ever? Absolutely not, but sometimes those shells and cheese call my name.


And tonight I answered.


But, I made a slightly grown up version. I added two handfuls of spinach and half a chopped tomato.


Completely worth the 5 glasses of water I’ve chugged since dinner since I can feel the sodium coursing through my veins…


Is it any surprise this is one of  their favorite meals? They ask for it all the time, but kielbasa and shells and cheese isn’t an “all the time” kind of meal.


This is what I got when I told two 4 year olds to smile big.


But this had my inner child smiling tonight.


Perhaps I had just inhaled a plate full of kielbasa with shells and cheese (sometime in the late 80’s or early 90’s)


9 thoughts on “Embracing my inner 9 year old

  1. thats a similar thing I do with the bacon and broccoli in mac n cheese. A nice salty meat in some mac and cheese is irresistable! And of course the veggies for good measure. I think the unhealthiest part is all that sodium, I can’t drink enough water the rest of the night either!

  2. My hubby would love this meal! He likes the skinless smoked sausage, which is similar to kielbasa, I think. I’ll have to make it for him. I love that you added the veggies too!

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