Bent and Busted

That pretty much describes part of my van right now.


I was in a parking lot this morning, someone in front of me decided they wanted to back up and get a parking spot, but didn’t see my giant van behind them. I tried to back up, but I wasn’t fast enough and he backed right into my van.


Thankfully, it wasn’t serious and Aiden and I are just fine. But, my poor van has taken a beating. The timing sucks too, we were thinking about getting rid of it and getting something new. On the bright side, at least this didn’t happen to a brand new car!


As I was sitting in my car waiting for the police to show up, I just sat there crying and sobbing and all I could think about was my Dad’s accident and really started missing him. I still can’t believe we are coming up on the 2 year anniversary of his passing.Every car accident I have passed by in the past two years sends me mentally back to that day and being involved in this very minor accident brought all of those feelings right back to the surface again.


8 thoughts on “Bent and Busted

  1. Yikes!! So glad you’re okay! I’m sure it’s really hard to have those reminders of your dad’s accident all the time- it’s not like you can really avoid driving. Just be thankful for what you said- that you’re okay and that it wasn’t a brand new car.
    I’ve backed into a car before… it was not cool.

  2. Glad you are okay. I’ve had a lady back right into me even after honking because she was too busy yelling at her kids. then proceeded to yell at them more blaming them for her bad driving. Oi!

    Sorry you had to revisit a difficult memory. But least the love and happy memories are still warm in your heart.

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