What I Ate Wednesday

I haven’t participated in awhile, but since my posts are pretty much once a day now that my sister has joined with me, I am excited about doing WIAW posts again!


Breakfast was 2 hard boiled eggs, toast and a banana

DSC_0436   DSC_0438

And my new morning ritual; hot lemon water


Lunch was leftover salad from the night before. I put it in a mason jar in the fridge and was surprised that it stayed crisp, normally I despise leftover salads because everything gets all soggy, but this was like I had just made it. Mason jars, for the win!


And an orange


After T and K got out of school, we headed over to the park for some fun in the sun. I’ve tried many coconut waters over the last couple of years, and really have not been a fan. I spotted a new one in Target the other day and decided to give it a try.


I am in love. I drank this as fast as I could, I was kicking myself for not buying more!!


8 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. I still need to make a Mason Jar salad. I agree that it would just be more fun to eat that way (more fun that the same container I use to pack my lunch every day)!
    I tried a different flavor of that coconut water (I can’t remember which) and it was ooookay. I love the ONE brand better. I will have to try that one though- the one i had was mixed with some kind of berry.

  2. Yummy day of eats. Have you tried to open a young coconut and drink the water from it?
    I did it a few times, it’s tricky, but it’s so delicious. I usually just buy the ONE brand. Not as good as the real deal, but who has time to crack open coconuts everyday!

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