My Crap Week

Last week started off so promising.  The sun was shining, it was warm but not too warm.  I was so excited to continue with increasing my mileage and had my workouts all planned out.  Then life (and crocheting) happened.

About 3 weeks ago, I received a huge order for 15 crocheted Viking helmets and beards.  These sets take a considerable amount of time (about 5 hours each).  I was working on a deadline, I wanted to have all the hats made and shipped by March 9, but as that daygot closer, I knew it wasn’t going to happen.  I had hoped to have everything finished by Monday March 12, but I just could not do it.  My wrists were killing me, and I was hobbling around like an old lady from all that sitting.  I had to skip my run last Monday so that I could spend my lunch hour crocheting.  I finally finished the order and got everything mailed on Tuesday (yay!).  I would usually take a semi-long run on Tuesday afternoon as I only work a half day Tuesdays, but my son had a dentist appointment and a doctor’s appointment, so my afternoon was shot.  My husband had something to do for church on Tuesday night, so I could not run that night either, since I would not have anyone to watch my daughter.  She’s too big for the jogger and I refuse to pay $4 to drop her off in a germ filled room where she is largely unsupervised for 45 minutes (gym daycare).

Wednesday, I took all my gear with me to work to run during lunch.  Well, I got all ready and motivated to go, then realized I did not have my camelbak (for water) or my Zensah compression sleeves, so I skipped my run.  Thursday I had fully planned on running.  Unfortunately, my check engine light came on during my drive to work.  My husband had also left that morning to go to Arizona with his brother for MLB spring training.  They took his car.  I read the car manual and it said that the car should not be driven with the check engine light on, and since I did not have another car to drive, I was stuck during lunch and could not run because I did not want to drive my car unless I really needed to.  My office is on a bluff (read a huge ass hill) that overlooks the ocean and I hate running up the hill so I usually drive 1/2 mile to flat ground for my run. I should have gone, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I was pretty stressed out about the car.

Friday morning I had to take my car to the dealership, which I hate, and only take my car there when I have to (warranty service only), and then take the free shuttle to my mom’s house.  She has an extra car that she was letting me borrow.  By this time, it was also pouring down rain.    Friday afternoon, my kitchen lights all burned out.  This would normally not be a big deal, but they are in this old school light box on the ceiling that has a metal casing.  I could not figure out how to open the metal case so I just broke the plexiglass to get to the flourescent tubes.  We have never had to change them while we’ve owned this house (4 years).  Since we had never done that, I never realized that there were 4 slots for light bulbs up there!  I was pretty excited about that, because I’ve always complained about how dark the kitchen is.  I went to the “depot” and got the new tubes, and my daughter and I went to Red Robin.  I had the most tasty burger, which I’m sure was horrid, the bacon cheddar melt.  And oodles of their yummy steak fries with ranch dressing and ketchup mixed together.  It was bomb.

Saturday morning, it was still raining (really hard) and it was very windy.  I had to take my daughter to register for soccer, and when I opened the front door to leave, it felt like someone was kicking open the door. I realized I forgot my phone so I went back in the house.  When I opened the door, it again felt like something was pushing against the door.  The pressure did something weird and I heard glass breaking.  My daughter’s bedroom window had a small crack in it when we moved it, and since it hardly ever rains or is very cold, we just never got around to fixing it.  The window completely shattered with the change in pressure.  Luckily, the glass fell outside instead of onto her bedroom floor.  It was absolutely pouring and I was crying because I was not sure of what to do.  Rain was literally streaming into the room from the wind and rain.  I got some kitchen trash bags and duct tape and went to work taping the window.  I got it taped up and then we had a piece of plywood on the patio that I propped in front of that, then put the wood blinds back down.  I was of course crying, I was so upset and mad at my husband for taking his mancation and not coming back to help me! I know it wasn’t his fault that all of this stuff happened, but he *just wasn’t there* when I needed him.  So I did what any logical girl would do, and went shopping.  At Nordstrom.  I must have been feeling upset still because I couldn’t really find anything that I *had* to have, but I did get some clothes and shoes for my daughter.  My daughter and I had dinner at Pei Wei, which is like P. F. Changs, and we got cupcakes after (coconut macaroon, carrot, lemon, and birthday cake).  I was so full from dinner, I didn’t even eat my cupcake until Sunday night.

Hubs returned home Saturday night and I knew he felt bad, but I was so emotionally drained that I just couldn’t even deal with him.  He did get one of his friends to come look at the window yesterday, and it sounds like it won’t be that hard to fix, so mama is happy now.  The sun is shining again today, and there was no more drama yesterday, so I’m hoping that this week will be better.  I have all of my things with me today, and I *will* be running 4 miles at lunch today.

4 thoughts on “My Crap Week

  1. I almost laughed while I was reading your post because it sounds so familiar! Sometimes, life just happens (and gets in the way of your workouts). I hope that this week is fantastic instead of last week, which was craptastic.

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