Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet

I’ve heard this before, but I was trying to prove it wasn’t true. Guess what, it’s not. I admire people who can work out really hard every day and not have to count calories or portion sizes and still drop pounds. I’m not that girl. Sucks to have to write that. Sucks even more how much I will struggle with certain “trigger foods” for the rest of my life, but I will win. Food will no longer control me. I’m in control.

I was pretty proud of myself this morning. We had some crazy wind here last night, I was pretty surprised we didn’t wake up with a tree in our house. I woke up around 1 and couldn’t fall back asleep until after 3, I remember looking at the clock and it was 3:05. My alarm went off at 4:15, it’s set on my phone and though I don’t remember turning it off, I woke up at 5:45 holding the phone in my hand, so apparently I turned it off and layed back down. I looked at the time and thought “well, maybe I should just keep sleeping and not go to the gym today.” Then I got out of bed, put my clothes on and headed to the gym. Today was my last day of cardio only, next week I start doing cardio/weights one day and just cardio the next…I’m pretty excited!


Perfect way to start Saturday! Before I left, the husband asked if I would pick up donuts for him and the kids, I got to dunkin donuts and was starving, but thankfully donuts do nothing for me; I think they are pretty nasty. So I got them each a donut and got myself an egg white/turkey sausage/veggie sandwich on flat bread


And an orange


I forgot I had another Mamma Chia in the fridge, so I had one of those as well.


Definitely need to get more of these, they are so good!


18 thoughts on “Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet

  1. So true! It’s basically impossible to “work off” a bad diet! And I don’t think that’s the right mentality either. It makes it feel like you’re working against yourself. you know?

  2. I’m with you- doughnuts do nothing for me either (thank god!) And I have no idea why they are considered “breakfast” foods when they’re basically cake! I do like the flat breads though (like you got).
    And hey- guess what: I”m not “that girl” either. I can exercise 10 hours a day and still gain weight (and when I was going through my crazy obsession with working out- that’s basically how it was). I will always have to focus on the eating first and foremost, which is definitely harder for me. Keep going girl- you are doing great 🙂

  3. Want to know the best kept secret about getting healthy? It may no be easy for you, you may have to count your calories, plan your meals and work your butt off… but it will mean so much more to you know how hard you worked in the end to see the results pay off. 🙂

  4. I like donuts once in awhile… Just like a plain cake donut and coffee. My husband is one of those people that can work out occasionally, eat crap, and eat as much as he wants and still lose weight. It makes me so frustrated that I have to literally count every calorie that goes in my mouth and he just eats whatever he wants. It’s something that I’ve definitely struggled with but am finally starting to accept it. Unfortunately, my body wasn’t made that way so I just have to work harder at it.

    • Sucks sometimes right?! I do have to tell you, that you have been really motivating to me lately! In a world of bloggers who are at their goal weights, it’s nice to know I’m not alone in the journey to find mine.

  5. This is the one thing I preach to everyone, you cant out train a bad diet!! If your eating junk, your body will be junk. How can you expect to run well and properly on that stuff? Of course we all have our moments of indulgence, and thats fine! You still have to enjoy your life you know? I had a warm cookie and ice cream last night and didnt regret it one bit (my tummy didn’t like it much though lol). You and my Sissy would get along well I think. Shes battled her weight for years, and is now taking food head on and not letting it control her anymore. im so proud of her. Shes lost 25lbs since december through eating right and exercise!
    P.s. Im saving up for a polar now per your recommendation! :):)

  6. Great job getting out of bed! It is so easy to just sleep in- you should be really proud of yourself.

    Donuts don’t really do much for me either. Though I’m glad we don’t have a Tim Horton’s around where I live- I am obsessed with their pumpkin spice donuts! Brian brought me some in the hospital after I had Audrey 🙂

  7. The only time I was able to eat whatever I wanted was when I was a four season athlete in high school in college – turns out if you work out 4-5 hours a day, you can eat Suzy-Q’s for breakfast with coke, McDonald’s for lunch and eat a 12 inch frozen pizza all by yourself. When I got my first desk job after college – I went from 120 pounds to 210 pounds in about 18 months.

    Hang in there – make each day count – and move on to the next day – great job on getting to the gym!!

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