Meal Plan

I bought a book about two years ago and read it cover to cover thinking the whole time “YES! This all makes sense!!!” And then I put it on a shelf and never did anything about it. I read it again over the weekend and this time I’m doing something about it. I’m following the meal plan and I have to say it’s pretty comforting. Knowing exactly what I’ll be eating and I saved so much money at the grocery store this week, it’s a good feeling! I had to get a couple more things, so the official day one will be tomorrow and I’m excited!

I started off my morning doing hills on the treadmill and then finished off with a little ab work. I love the automated programs on the treadmill and even though I did level 1 of hills today, it was a killer…well for a beginner like me! It alternated the incline every minute and then had me doing alternate fast walking with walking every minute. It made the entire workout fly by and I felt like a sweaty beast when I was done, so mission accomplished.

For lunch today I had a very filling meal and was so easy to prepare! The two stars of the lunch:


I used a 100 calorie whole wheat tortilla, topped with the cherry BBQ sauce, then a sliced chicken sausage, the corn and chile salsa on top of that and then shredded cheese on top.


A delicious and filling BBQ Chicken Pizza! I also had a banana on the side.


8 thoughts on “Meal Plan

  1. Jen, I read that book about two years ago and it totally made me react the same way! I followed the plan for a little while, but then fell off the wagon. I was just saying recently that I need to read that book again- I really love her approach to diet and fitness.
    The tortilla pizza looks soooo gooooood.

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