I think I’ve made a mistake

I can’t stay away! I miss blogging, the taking pictures, the community –which really isn’t the same when you aren’t blogging – and everything about blogging in general.

I joined a gym on Monday and I’ve gone every day since for a total of 180 minutes this week and almost 1500 calories burned. I’ll go again tomorrow to meet my goal I’ve set for myself for the week.

The hardest part? The food…ugh! I’m having a really hard time with eating and keeping accountable. I didn’t realize how much blogging and taking pictures of my food helped keep me on track.


14 thoughts on “I think I’ve made a mistake

  1. Good because we would have missed you. I was sad when I read your post earlier this week. Stay with it! I can’t post as often as I would like, but when I do, I love it and the community blogging brings with it. Awesome job on the workouts this week too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Yay! Please stay around. We missed you!
    And don’t feel any pressure. Post when you want to – when you have something to say or need to vent or need feedback from your blogging family. 🙂 No one will judge you- and we’ll come back no matter how often (or not) you post. 🙂

  3. Awesome job on your workouts!
    Blog when you feel like it and take time off when you feel like it! I had to take time off for 2 months because I was so sick, I was nervous about returning but my blogging friends were there when I came back.
    Enjoy and glad you are back!

  4. Blogging is sometimes the only thing that keeps me on track. There have been many times where I know if I make a bad decision I have to blog about it and I usually end up make the right one. Plus reading other blogs keeps me wanting to eat healthy. I’m glad you are back. I like reading your blog because it keeps me motivated!

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