Cold Busting Foods

I woke up yesterday with a little bit of a sore throat, but didn’t really think much of it. As the day wore on, I felt horrendous. I took my oldest to a dr appointment and was relieved that he only had a cold and looked like I was picking it up…yay. I spent the rest of the day trying to relax- as much as I could with 3 kids- and drinking as much hot tea as I could handle.

This morning I woke up feeling much better than yesterday, I’m not 100%, but I’m able to function and exercise, which means YAY for yoga tonight!

When I’m sick I tend to crave simple foods and foods that are easily assembled…kind of reminds me of days with a newborn!


Breakfast was a Larabar, banana and hot ginger tea. A couple hours later, I decided that I needed vegetables and vitamin C so I made a smoothie with spinach and oranges. Perfect.


About halfway through I realized I forgot to add ice…apparently my head is still a little foggy today.

Lunch was the ultimate in comfort/sick food: soup! I’ve had this can of minestrone (one of my all time favorites) soup from Trader Joe’s and today was the perfect day to use it.


Full of noodles and vegetables = so good! And then had a cup of watermelon on the side.


And now, it’s time to grab a blanket and snuggle on the couch with more hot tea while my youngest is taking a nap.

What are your cold busting remedies?


19 thoughts on “Cold Busting Foods

  1. I truly believe in food being medicine. If I pack in nutrients while I’m sick I seem to heal faster. However, packing those nutrients in can be hard. I always want comfort foods when I’m sick. You are doing a great job though!

  2. When I’m sick I crave carbs, carbs, carbs!! Mostly bread and fruit. I was sick last week and I completely killed our stock of fruit! I think I just want energy or something, and simple sugars are the fastest way to get it!

  3. Hi love! Glad you are feeling better!

    When I feel I am getting sick I drink lots of tea and get rest, I try to never look to meds, but if it gets bad like I feel like death, then I do!

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