Flashback Friday {the early years}

Good morning! I asked for what you would like to see more on the blog, and pretty much everyone said the same thing: you want to know more about me. Someone else mentioned they wanted to know more about my childhood as well, so today I bring Jen- the early years.


It was the 80’s. We lived in California, so I guess my Mom thought we were sailors. Fantastic.


This is how we rolled, winter in Southern California. Don’t be jealous Winking smile


I really have no words. It’s a head shaker…


Raise your hand if you loved NKOTB!! I was mildly obsessed.


And a total daddy’s girl – who wore way too much lipstick-

I need to find some from when I was a baby…this was fun!!!!

Anything fun planned for the weekend? We are taking Karlie out for dinner tomorrow to her fave restaurant. She’s such a girly girl, so I’m getting her new nailpolish, lip gloss and any other sparkle I can find for her.


7 thoughts on “Flashback Friday {the early years}

  1. I love this! Were you born in 1980 (like me)? NKOTB was my first ever concert and I CRIED like a baby when Joey Joe sang “Please Don’t Go Girl.” He was my man. Er, boy.
    I also had massively high bangs during that time. It was like, the higher the bangs, the closer to God. Seriously- girls would get just their bangs permed so that they didn’t have to curl them in the morning. Ahh, the late 80s/early 90s….

  2. I sure was! September 1980.

    Joey was my first celeb crush, I used to have posters covering the walls and a giant life size poster of him on my ceiling.
    Ok, my best friend in the 4th grade had straight hair, but permed bangs. Classic!!! I can’t tell you how many mornings I burnt my forehead on a curling iron….

  3. Okay, I am old since I was born in the 60’s! 😀 Loved this post Jen – thanks so much for sharing the pictures – even with the heavy lipstick. 😀

  4. After reading this post, I totally went to Youtube and listened to a little NKOTB to reminisce a little. Don’t you just love old pictures of yourself?!?!

    I’m going to relax alllll weekend. I started student teaching this week and I’m pooped!

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