Trader Joe’s {for the win}

I mentioned earlier, that I went to Trader Joe’s for two things this morning, and one of the extras I picked up was this salad dressing.


Sorry, it’s pretty blurry, but you get the idea. I have seen this around on the blogosphere, but always forget to pick up my own bottle…today I remembered and I’ll never go without it again.


I’m not a real big salad lover, but this dressing has changed me. For good. I wanted to lick my plate.


If you aren’t a big salad eater, try this dressing…you’re welcome!

Along with my salad of dreams, I had a rice bowl with an egg and loads of hot sauce.


Total winner of a lunch in my book!

Dinner was a family favorite: steak fajitas.


The glob on top is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s probably horrible for me, but as I’m learning in Weight Watchers, nothing is off limits and believe me when I say I used to eat triple that amount before Weight Watchers. The ultimate in guilty pleasures; Tostitos Queso Dip.

I’ve been waiting for the husband to come home so we can watch the one show we like to watch together; Revenge. It was finally a new episode last night and I can’t wait to watch it!

Have a good night!!!

14 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s {for the win}

  1. Ooh, so Revenge is good? I’ve been on the lookout for a new show to get addicted to.

    I love the egg on the rice…reminds me of Korean food! Yummmm

    And Trader Joe’s has THE best dressing. Their Champagne Pear Vinaigrette is ridonkulous.

  2. I’m going to have to try this dressing next time I go to Trader Joes!! It’s a small hike from me so I always stock up! I hope they have it at mine! The Champagne Pear Vinaigrette sounds good too!! I’m like you–not a huge salad person unless I have a great dressing! 🙂

  3. I’ve been wanting to try this dressing but I am supposed to avoid peanuts. It sounds amazing though!

    So glad that you are doing good Jen! Sounds like 2012 is off to a great start for you.

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