On my schedule for this morning was a Chalean Extreme DVD- Burn Circuit 1. I’m not thinking it was a good sign that I was out of breath and sweating by the end of the 5 minute warm-up.

Oh, and sorry, but you won’t be seeing action shots of me working out…I’m too busy trying not to die.

I’ve done this DVD before, but something has come over me and I’m no longer content half-assing my way through the workouts anymore. I gave it every thing I had and I even did attempted the section with push ups! I know it’s only been a few days, but honestly, I am finding myself actually looking forward to working out. I’m looking forward to sweating and finding out what my body is capable of. Is it safe to say I’m on the path to success?


I’ve also noticed that I’m STARVING. I used to just eat to eat, but now that I’m busting my butt working out, it’s legit hunger and, wait for it…

I want foods that are good for me! I no longer wake up craving mcdonald’s or craving diet cokes. Can you believe I woke up this morning craving a green smoothie?! Who am I?

I’m also finding myself happier. Those endorphins are no joke! Pretty sure a newer version of the old Jen is coming back…and I like it!

For breakfast this morning I had an egg-wich.


  • 2 slices whole wheat toast
  • 1 oz sharp cheddar cheese
  • egg whites
  • turkey bacon

And then a sliced kiwi on the side.


We had to go to Trader Joe’s for 2 things; spinach and broccoli slaw. I left 3 bags and $30 later. Happens every time.

My little sidekick and I are finally going to remove Christmas from the house today. I’m pretty sad about it.

Where is a store your credit card (or any type of money) cries when you walk in? Mine is Trader Joe’s, Target and Costco. I can never leave with out spending more than I planned!


11 thoughts on “Burn

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  2. Gah, I would be a disaster financially in Trader Joe’s! I still wish we had one even kind of close!!

    I am the same way about craving clean foods after exercise… I LOVE that feeling! Fueling the body machine with the best foods makes everything feel so buzzy and zingy! 🙂

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