My Head Is About To Explode

I have so many ideas for posts, and I don’t know where to start!!!! In an effort to make myself more organized this year, I sat down to brainstorm a few blog posting ideas so I’m not trying to think of something every time I post…I came up with 45 in a matter of minutes. I’m shocked! I didn’t know I had so much to say!! Holy crap, I just thought of 4 more…

I’ve also been toying with the idea of more than one post per day. I can generally get a post done pretty fast when I’m just talking about one thing, but when I’m trying to re-cap the whole day on top of the subject I wanted to talk about, we’re talking at least an hour to post.

I have been reading blogs for a long time, and I like what I like and there are other blogs that just aren’t for me…and that’s why there are so many of us!!! But in the end, this blog is for ME. It’s a journal for me, and for some reason no one ever read again (PLEASE DON’T STOP READING!!), I would continue to blog because it truly does help me every day. Posting my meals and points helps in more than ways than one, for one thing, I don’t want everyone to read about me eating fast food so it makes me make better choices and for another thing, I love creating meals and sharing those creations with other people!

What I want to try and do is have a morning and evening post; each will have a topic, but I’ll also be sharing meals, snacks and points totals for the day and whatever workout I did that day.

And now I’ll ask for your input: What would you like to see more of here? What kinds of topics would you like me to discuss?

13 thoughts on “My Head Is About To Explode

  1. Obviously I like recipes and stuff but honestly, I just like when bloggers give us a peek into THEIR life! I mean, I can find recipes anywhere, but I like when people make recipes personal 🙂 If that makes sense! haha

  2. I am like everyone else, I love blogs that offer more than just recipes and love when you do that.
    Also, you share that you struggle with workouts, so maybe logging them, even if they are just minor ones like taking a walk outside, would help you see where you are falling off the wagon. I no longer log my workouts on the blog, but I write them down and it helps a lot!

    Looking forward to reading your blog in 2012!

  3. I love that your blog is a place for you. That’s the key to keeping it going. Once it becomes about something else, it’s not fun or productive or even very interesting anymore. I just want to hear what you want to say! I’m sorry if that’s not helpful but like I said I think it’s important to just blog for you and we’ll read and enjoy no matter what!

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