Yesterday I posted about not waiting and I had every intention of exercising after my kids went to bed last night…and that’s when I realized as much as I try and fight it, I’m not a night time exerciser. I put some clothes out, filled my water bottle and set my alarm for 5am.

I was tempted to hit snooze and go back to bed, but instead I got my butt handed to me on a platter by Jillian and the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout. Every muscle was begging me for mercy, but I really loved every minute. It was 5 different circuits alternating cardio and strength training. I’m following the 6 week program which is 35 minutes 6 days a week. Today was the whole body and tomorrow is upper body and lower body…I’m scared.

I looked on my Polar to see when my last workout was before this morning…

That would be the 5K I did Thanksgiving morning.

For my post-workout treat a couple hours later – not sure about anyone else, but I can’t eat right after or right before working out – I had 1/2 a cup of cheerios and a banana

And a nice cold water bottle full of lemon water.

I’m now at my mom’s house hanging out with her and the puppies, wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies with the kids.


7 thoughts on “Success

  1. I must admit, having cold lemon water after a workout is incomparable. I know it’s so easy to do, but I never remember to (or just guzzle anything in front of me). Whenever I go to a fancy gym that offers it, though, you’d think I was dying of thirst.

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