So Delicious Christmas

I received some coupons from So Delicious to try out three different products, I knew the first two would be used on two things I have heard a lot about recently.


Mint Chocolate Coconut Milk and Nog Coconut Milk. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with the Mint Chocolate other than drinking it straight out of the container, but the Nog will be made into yummy Nog flavored oatmeal.


I also picked up French Vanilla creamer that I have some ideas for. Trying to get creative with it since I don’t drink coffee, but I’m determined to find a way to use it!

Any ideas to use these products? If you give me an idea, I’ll name it after you and will make it! So, bring on the ideas!!!


17 thoughts on “So Delicious Christmas

  1. I looooove So Delicious creamers!!! Ohh my gosh. Their hazelnut flavor is incredible. I bought like ten of those babies once I finally found them locally hahaha. NOT obsessed or anything, no worries. 😛

    I bet you could use the nog flavor to make some eggnog flavored cookies. I’m sure eggnog flavored cookies have been done but I dreamed about making them last night (I know, my exciting life) and I bet they would be delicious. And imagine if you could make a totally vegan version? People would be all over that!

  2. I love So Delicious coconut milk products! The nog is crazy delicious, and I use the French vanilla creamer in my coffee every morning! If you want ideas, check out their Facebook page. They have a recipe tab with all kinds of amazing recipes for everything from soup to nuts (literally!) I made the French toast and the chocolate pudding recipes that are on the containers of the nog and mint chocolate, and they were delicious. Try them! No need to name them after me. They’re right there on the cartons! 🙂

  3. I am madly in love with the So Delicious line, and those holiday drinks are no exception! I’ve pretty much just been drinking them straight up, though the chocolate mint made for a killer smoothie with some protein powder, banana, and spinach! 🙂

  4. Coconut creamers….slurrrp….

    This indian dessert is one of my very fav’s…tastes heavenly…you might like trying…

    Combine rice and water in a medium, thick-bottomed saucepan. Cook on low heat until the rice is done, about 25 minutes. Add coconut milk, creamer, and evaporated cane crystals(or sugar). Mix thoroughly and cook on medium-low heat for about 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Add cardamom seeds and powder and continue cooking, until the mixture becomes thickened, about 10 more minutes. Remove from heat and add in rosewater. Serve warm or chilled in dessert glasses and garnish with chopped pistachios.

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