When I first joined Weight Watchers on October 1st, I noticed in my weight record book that there was my starting weight, 5% goal and 10% goal. At the time, the only thing I could focus on was reaching the 5% goal and even that seemed overwhelming.


But, on Saturday morning, I did it. I set a goal and I accomplished it. Was it a lot of weight lost? Nope, but it’s enough to keep me motivated and encouraged to keep going. I now have my sight set on my 10% goal and will focus on that until the golden 10% keychain is in my hot little hands.

I left that meeting feeling on top of the world. I also left with a package full of new materials for PointsPlus 2012 and though the changes aren’t huge changes, it’s a way of sprucing things up and getting us all excited to make 2012 a fabulous year!

Last Week Weight: 203.6

Current Weight: 201.6

Total Loss: –11.6


30 thoughts on “5%

  1. Good for you! I love haivng my big picture goal and then setting small goals along the way. It makes me feel so good when I reach my along the way goals!

    You are doing so fantastic!!! Look at what you are accomplishing during the holiday season no less! You deserve to feel amazing and be proud of your sucess!

  2. That is so great Jen! The little goals and the small steps are what have helped my journey. You’re amazing, I love your blog and glad you’re doing it for fun again!

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