Silver Balls

Back in the day, radio stations did not play 24/7 Christmas music until Christmas Eve, but my Dad took matters into his own hands. Every year on Christmas Eve and Christmas day while the stations were playing 24 hours of Christmas music, he would record them onto cassette tapes so we could listen to them in the car starting around Thanksgiving. So smart, Dad, so smart.


So, from a very young age, I grew to love the sounds of Christmas and would sing along and just as loud and annoying as my Dad.


For many, many years, I thought a certain song was called Silver Balls and I would sing that loud and proud whenever I heard it. As we all got older, we continued singing Silver Balls and made that once joyous song a dirty song.


Now that my Dad is no longer with us, I try and carry on the tradition of blasting Christmas music and embarrassing my children as much as possible with my horrendous singing voice.


What was the point of this post again? Oh, right. To show the rest of my decorations…as I was putting the rest of them up, Silver Balls Bells came on and sent me down memory lane.


These are the only mice welcome in our house. To the little mouse I saw in the garage: You are not welcome!


Now that my youngest is almost 4, it’s safe to put out the nativity set again. Poor figurines never stood a chance before…


This was my Dad’s collection. JcPenney hands out these little snow globes on Black Friday and my Dad collected them every year. He died in April 2010, and we put the 2010 snowglobe on his headstone last year. This year we arrived at JcPenney at 4:05 this year (they opened at 4) and we were too late to get one. My Mom was devastated. If anyone has one from this year and you don’t want it, I will pay you for it. Seriously.


I love this little figurines and have them displayed all through the house. Little Cindy Loo above will be posted in every post from now until Christmas so keep your eyes peeled.

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12 thoughts on “Silver Balls

  1. Waaa. . . my husband doesn’t like me to decorate so soon – I have figured out which snowmen I want to put out this year though . . . from the 400 that I have! 😀

  2. Ok love love love this post! And you can’t ever get rid of those mice. They are my favorite from when we were growing up. I think they used to be Grandma Stimberts!

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