Scenes from Thanksgiving

I feel like I’ve been under a rock for the past 6 days, the last time I logged on to anything relevant was last Wednesday morning. Yikes. But, I had a pretty amazing Thanksgiving, and while I’m sad that it’s over, it’s finally the happiest time of year…Christmas! But, before I get too ahead of myself, here are some scenes from our Thanksgiving.


Started my morning off with a 5K around my mom’s neighborhood. I’m so insanely slow, I’m hoping to blow this time out of the water by next year!


My legs were frozen by the time I got back, should have worn longer pants for sure!!!


Yikes. Can’t really tell I have dropped 10lbs…


From left to right: My sister in law, her baby girl and my other sister in law…both are pregnant, one is due in february and the other in january.


My brother and two dogs, not sure who passed out first…


Above brother’s girlfriend and my cute little nephew (my other brother’s baby)


My famous sweet potato recipe. I don’t even like sweet potatoes, but I ate plenty of these!!


Another brother who passed out Winking smile


And another brother holding our little nephew (out of all the pictures I took, I don’t think I have any of him with his parents…)


After dinner, trying to stay away from the dessert table.


Cousins in their matching Christmas Pj’s



My 3 in their Christmas church clothes. Can someone tell me how they grew up so fast?!


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