I’m a slacker. There I said it.

It’s so true, I slack off when it comes to exercising. I have all of the best intentions, and then I just don’t do it. Ask my husband, he’ll tell you all about it. I talk a mean game and even lay my clothes out the night before, I’ve even put the DVD in the DVD player and put water in a water bottle in the fridge…and then my alarm goes off and I roll over.

So far I have managed to lose 10.4lbs without exercising, but I know that in order to actually change my body which is the ultimate goal, exercise is key. Since having a gym membership isn’t an option right now -at least until that money tree starts producing money – DVD’s are the only option I have…and I have plenty of them! I have enough that I should never get bored, but it’s just a matter of actually doing them that I have an issue with.

I’m not sure why I’m posting this, I guess it’s so I’ll have some accountability. I’ll be working on an exercise plan today and will post it.

In other news, I had such an amazing lunch yesterday, and it really wasn’t that special either, just simple ingredients that came together and kept me full for hours.

Veggie burger on a whole wheat english muffin, steamed broccoli, grapes and a pickle. So simple. So good!

Any tips for me on the exercise issue?

The only tip I need is to just do it…I know.


36 thoughts on “Sweat

  1. Nice honest post. Life has a way of pointing us in the right direction when it comes to fitness and you made a bold first step by admitting some of your short comings, good on you.
    Pretty sure you heard it before: goals, goals and more goals…blah blah blah. Anyways, good luck!

  2. i agree with Elizabeth above – once you get it established in your routine, it gets so much easeier.

    But…a trick to get started for a morningn workout? Sleep in your workout clothes. Sound crazy? It may be…but when you wake up and you are already dressed (besides your shoes, which you should put right by your bed) you really have no excuse.

    I used to do this when I got out of the habit of morning workouts for a week or so to get myself in the routine…and it worked for me! Good luck!

  3. I started out my weight loss just by changing my diet. It was amazing to watch the pounds just fly off, but I didn’t feel like my fitness levels changed until: a) I started walking. Two miles just about every other day, to and from the market. b) I splurged and bought a gym membership. And while yes, they’re not free, there are some that are as affordable as $10 a month. ALSO, frequently, gyms will offer introductory weeks free. You might be surprised how much more accountable you are with a membership fee every month.

    For me, I fork out about $40 a month, almost $500 a year BUT I feel like a fool when I don’t go, so I go. I consider it an investment in my future, and the classes there are much more fun than anything I used to do from a DVD.

  4. I know it’s SO easy to lose motivation but my favorite ways to stay on track:
    -Get a workout buddy! I ALWAYS call my bff, Eric, when I need someone to talk me into going to the gym!
    -Build a new playlist! I justify a mini itunes shopping spree when I need a new playlsit for the gym
    -Get some new workout gear! I know it can be kind of expensive, but TJMaxx, Marshalls & Ross all have pretty cheap workout clothes. Even just a new top can get me back in the gym!

    Don’t give up! You can do this!

  5. Since I started this journey, I have done things differently to make myself work out. For a while, I made myself get up at 4:30 AM. And then I made myself work out in the evenings. At one point I would print out a calendar and write what I would do each day on it. I also printed out calendars and gave myself a sticker for each day that I worked out, this is surprisingly motivational! Finding something you really like to do is key. Good luck!

    • I’m going to do the calendar and hang it up for all to see. The only option for me is to do it really early or late at night and i’m not a late at night person, so looks like early mornings it is 🙂 Thanks for your suggestions!

  6. Congrats on the 10 pounds! What an amazing accomplishment.

    The truth is that I never used to exercise either. I hated it! But now I totally crave just being active, even if it’s just a walk. Or yoga. I never thought I’d love either! But I do.

  7. It’s hard to start out exercising – but you can’t set the bar too high in the beginning because you are just setting yourself up for failure.

    Tell yourself that you will work out for 15 minutes, and if you are still not feeling it, you can stop. Usually once I get going I get in the groove. And really, do you ever regret NOT exercising when you are done??


  8. Do it first thing in the morning or tell yourself you get a certain treat (food or other) only if you do your workout. That always works with me. 🙂 Good luck!!!!! 🙂

  9. The key to exercise is finding something you enjoy doing. 😉 Even walking, pushups on knees, bodyweight lunges, etc. are all great. I could never stick to exercise if I wasn’t enjoying it at the same time.

  10. Congrats on all the weight you’ve lost so far WITHOUT exercise!! That is huge!
    I exercise because I love it. And you know some exercise doesnt even need to be actual exercise!! Hike, swim in the ocean, walk with a friend, yoga, dancing with the girls. MOVEMENT is what counts. Then you build on it from there 🙂

  11. I’m not much of an exerciser, I just don’t like it. But, when I was actively losing weight I bribed myself into doing it. I also had my husband in on it too. Working out 3 times a week resulted in awesome Friday night date nights. But, with time it got way easier and I realized I felt much better with myself when I actually moved my butt instead of dealing with the guilt involved in skipping a workout.

  12. I have the same problem, I plan to go in the morning before my husband and boys get up and then the alarm and then the off button and then back to sleep!
    My sister says Just get up and do it. Don’t think about the time, just get up.
    Hasn’t happend so far but if it does, I’ll let you know.
    Good luck and keep up the awesome job you are doing!

  13. I lost 135 pounds and I did that by working out to DVDs.

    The key? For me it was finding a workout that was fun AND was easy enough to follow…I absolutely ADORE Lesley Sansone’s Walk at Home workouts! Check them out on youtube…I still do them every morning!

    Even now, Monday mornings are the worst for me…I don’t want to drag my are out of bed but somehow I manage to just do it…

    I also lay out my workout clothes and water bottles!! It’s all about mentally preparing…The night before, think about the workout you are going to do…Get yourself pumped up for it!!

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