Ugly, but delicious

If you haven’t noticed, our meals aren’t as elaborate or adventurous as they once were. The reason is simple, I’m trying to keep things as easy and nutritious as possible and still stay within my points for the day. I’ve also put us on a tight grocery budget because I’m sick of food going to waste. For dinner last night, we had clean out the fridge night. Not everyone had the same thing, but it was a way to use all of our leftovers from the week and everyone was happy with their plates. Mine was ugly (I need a light box!), but it was quite tasty.

I had a base of brown rice and pinto beans, I used 1/2 a cup of each.

And then topped with an over medium egg…wanted over easy, but got distracted.

And then finished it off with the second half of my apple from my lunch. I was pretty surprised at how filling this combo was and also how good it was!!!

Fan of leftovers or throw them away?


22 thoughts on “Ugly, but delicious

  1. That looks great. I love making dishes from anythign I put my hands on in the pantry and fridge. My poppa used to call it glop. Not the most attractive name but warms my heart just the same. 🙂

  2. that combo actually does sound delicious!!

    ive kept leftovers so far, but i think today’s the day i throw them away! especially the pumpkin pie bc i have no self control around that 🙂

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