Catching Up

It’s common for me to turn my laptop off Friday afternoons and not turn it back on again until Monday morning, but it’s currently Wednesday morning and this is the first time I’ve been able to have enough energy to make it to the desk. My daughter has been sick and is finally back at school today, and my youngest is feeling sick right now and I have been feeling downright horrid the last two days as well. For anyone who knows me, I don’t nap. I use the 3 year old’s naptime as my “me” time. It’s a time for me to get things done, catch up on emails, work on the blog, etc…but every day since Friday, I have been sleeping for the two hours that he was down. Unheard of!

Bad news first, about 10 minutes before I left for my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday, I started my period. Ugh. I knew that I would be showing a gain on the scale, but wasn’t prepared for how much it would affect me.

Last Week: 203.8

Current Weight: 206.4

Gain: +2.6

Total Loss: –6.4

I stepped away from the scales knowing it wasn’t anything I did, it was circumstances beyond my control, but it still sucked and I cried. Thankfully, I have quite the amazing leader who gave me a hug and talked me down to reality.

I’ll admit that since that point, I’ve been sick and really haven’t “tracked” my foods, but I’ve still made good choices when I could and this morning I set my tracker out on the kitchen counter and I am back in business Smile

I have a bunch of fun things for the blog to get to, a couple of giveaways for one thing and some reviews to post, but until I get those posted, here’s my latest post on This Dish Is Veg.


Unpictured is a huge mug of hot cocoa consumed this morning (5P+), and then I had 1/2 cup of Cheerios


An apple


And a cup of lemon water.


I just realized this morning that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!!!! When did that happen?!


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