Not Giving Up

Looking around my meeting last Saturday I noticed a lot of people were missing. When I first joined that first Saturday in October, nearly every seat was filled and every week since then, more and more people have disappeared. Our leader pointed out last week that it’s the November slow down, typically people miss a meeting around Halloween and then say “forget it, I’ll start over in January.”  When I heard that I thought, well that’s just crazy…but I totally get it now. The weather is cooling and I find myself wanting all sorts of decadent foods that landed me in Weight Watchers to begin with! Just last night I had the thought:

“Maybe I should just forget it right now, enjoy the Holiday season and start fresh in January.”

I woke up this morning kicking myself for even thinking that! I have come way to far in the last 6 weeks to let it all go to waste and gain back the 9lbs I have lost and probably pack on even more.

No thank you.

I’m not giving up. I’m not giving in to my old thoughts and feelings. This is a new Jen. One who isn’t going to eat her weight in Thanksgiving goodies, Christmas cookies and every other decadent food this upcoming season will bring.

Will I have a few treats? Absolutely, but they will be planned for and marked down in my tracker. And, I will only indulge in things I really want, not eat just because it’s there. For so many years, I would find myself in the kitchen on Thanksgiving and just start eating…because I could. This year will be different. I am doing the cooking for Thanksgiving dinner and I can control what goes in my mouth and what goes on my plate. There are certain foods we only have on Thanksgiving, and those will be the indulgences. Foods like mashed potatoes, rolls and some other items will not be included on my plate.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan on depriving myself and making myself miserable through the Holiday season, I just want to be smarter about it this year and enjoy it without eating so much my whole body aches and screams in protest.


12 thoughts on “Not Giving Up

  1. What a great post Jen! The mentality that you can just quit and start over again will just keep you going in circles. It has taken me four years to lose 55 lbs. If I quit every holiday season and started over in January I would still be 55 lbs overweight.

    I have the same outlook on the holidays. The holidays are about pacing yourself. Eat the stuff you love that you can only get this time of year. Your right mash potatoes and rolls just can’t compare to stuffing and pumpkin pie:)

    • I’ve been on this roller coaster long enough, the way I look at it there will always be a holiday or special occassion or anything to knock me off track and if I keep the mentality I had for too many years, I would continuously gain weight and that’s just not acceptable.!

  2. Don’t give up! I have to admit, the cooler weather has made it more difficult for me to want to get out of the house and exercise. I would rather snuggle up and watch a good movie. I am fighting my own ‘battle’ with this one, too. But am pushing through.

    But just think, in January – all those other people who waited – will be looking up to you for inspiration. 😉

  3. I love what you said about not waiting til after the holiday season to make “smarter” choices. When I worked at the health club I used to run into this all the time. December is actually one of the worst months for personal trainers because everyone has this “wait til January” mentality. Good for you for making the changes necessary NOW not later =)

  4. GO YOU! That is such an awesome mentality! I too find myself just eating ‘because it’s there’. I ALWAYS indulge, but I make sure its something that is REALLY worth it. Keep up the great work, what an inspiration you are!

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