Finding My Place

I think I have found my place in this giant internet. I am a weight loss blogger.  I find myself drawn to others facing the same demons I am and really want to be a sounding board for them, be a friend to others in this situation and on this crazy journey and maybe try and help a few people along the way. For so long, I was trying to fit into something I just wasn’t, and that was calling myself a Healthy Living Blogger. While I believe being a Weight Loss Blogger is on the path to healthy living, I think it’s two separate things. I’m happy to be where I am right now.

I have been absolutely LOVING my weekly Weight Watchers meetings. I love the friendship, my leader and the feeling like I actually belong somewhere. One of my ultimate goals along with reaching a happy and healthy weight is to become a WW leader one day. Weight Watchers is saving my life. I thank my lucky stars that I took action and joined the meetings and that I’m on a path to changing my life for the better.


Orange slices (0P+)

1/2 cup of Cheerios (1P+)

1 cup Light Vanilla Soymilk with cinnamon sprinkled on top (2P+)


15 thoughts on “Finding My Place

  1. there are those cheerios!

    and…i’m not sure what kind of blogger i am myself. glad you are able to happily choose something that fits you, but i’m not sure it really matters as long as your blog is bringing you joy. that is why we are doing this, right?

  2. When people find out that I have a blog and ask me what I write about I have a hard time explaining it succinctly. I usually just say, “Oh, it’s stupid. I just write about what I do every day.” Am I a healthy living blogger? A mommy blogger? A weight loss/weight maintenance blogger? A lifecaster? Yeah, pretty much all of those I guess. I feel like I write about nothing and everything. I know you have read my blog a little bit…what kind of blogger would you say that I am? I don’t think you have to fit into just one niche. Then again, I know nothing about increasing readership or any of that stuff. I think you just have to write from the heart, which you do!

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