Sorry for all of the deep posts lately, but I’m really evaluating my life and everything in it. I once thought about deleting this blog because I didn’t feel like I fit in with other blogs and I was constantly comparing myself to everyone else. I have realized that I’m not like everyone else, and that’s ok. Who wants to read site after site of the same thing? When I first started doing this habitually this summer, I was killing myself making every meal a production. Always thinking I had to make my meals look exactly like everyone else’s. I thought my life was boring because it wasn’t like everyone else’s. But again, why would it? I’m 31, a stay at home mom and I have 3 kids. I am vastly different from most other bloggers and that is ok too!! We don’t all have to be the same!

I used to try to hide the fact that I was losing weight and was embarrassed by that fact. I was embarrassed by the fact that I do have a lot of weight to lose.  But, now I embrace the fact that yes, I do have some weight to lose. No, it doesn’t define me and the number on the scale doesn’t define me, but I realize that there is nothing wrong with trying to better myself.

Now that I’ve been on Weight Watchers for 4 weeks, I have learned a lot about my eating habits. I was eating healthy foods before, but I was eating too much. There is nothing wrong with the types of foods I was eating, only the quantity.  I am learning to make different choices and am realizing that I can have the things I want to eat, but not all at once and not all in the same meal…and that’s ok.

What does this mean for the future of Food,Family,Fitness? For the time being it will be centered on weight loss, because that’s the stage I’m at in my life right now. Trying to figure it all out, have a better relationship with food and get on the path to being the happiest, healthiest Jen I can be.  It won’t be a pretty food, glammed up food blog, but it will be an honest take on this road that I’m on. I want to show other people that it is possible to do this, but it is a long and sometimes discouraging road.

And on that note, here’s my breakfast this morning. I’m amazed that such a simple breakfast can fill me up as long as it does, but combined with a big ‘ol mug of steaming hot herbal tea, this breakfast has held me over longer than anything in a very long time!!



Giant grapefruit (0P+)


And 1/2 cup of Cheerios (1P+)


I have had this meal the last few days to start my day and then having smaller meals like it every few hours. The difference is astounding!!! I’ve been babysitting my niece and nephew this morning and now that they are gone it’s time to start making my next meal, have a great day!!!


20 thoughts on “Comparing

  1. I think it’s so common to play the comparison game when it comes to blogging. When I first started blogging I remember staging every meal and it took forever. I also gained weight because I was trying so hard to make my meals look fancy. I added too much peanut butter, cereal, and other stuff to each meal.

    I also hestitated about posting about weight loss. Sometimes I think there is an expectation that all bloggers should have their “healthy balance” figured out. But we don’t! Or, I don’t…

    Keep blogging from the heart. That’s what makes for the kind of posts that I enjoy reading (and you’ll enjoy writing!)

    • Exactly! I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight, and when I stopped and calculated everything, it was ridiculous and it’s way too much (for me) to have at one meal. Sometimes my oats will have nothing but fruit and that’s good with me 🙂 It’s so freeing to know that I don’t have to pretend that I’m perfect and that I have this all figured out, because that is faaaarrr from the truth!!!

  2. Jen I am glad that you are finding your place and realizing that being different in blog world is completely okay. i feel this same way sometimes. i am also glad that you are finding a happy and balanced place with your meals. i always enjoy reading your posts and following you along on your journey, even if it is different than mine.

  3. I have to take a step back from blogging every now and again to make sure it’s is still enjoyable. It’s a hobby, which means it is supposed to be something you enjoy doing, something that makes you happy.

    I think the blogs I like best are the ones where the bloggers true personality shines through. I am drawn to authenticity, much more so than fancy photos and complicated oatmeal recipes.

  4. Blogging sooooooooooo leads to comparison. And…… I gained weight when I started blogging because I wanted to try so many differnet things other bloggers wrote about. It was just too much pressure. You are AMAZING!!!! So glad you found what’s working for you! Yay! Hugs!

  5. i’m so glad that you are staying true to who you are. thats why i read your blog. I want to hear about your journey, with family, life, weight loss. The comparison trap is a hard one to avoid, but we can do it!

  6. I’d rather you be honest than try to fit in the mold – reading blogs that are different is way more interesting! I’ve never really compared myself or tried to fit in because I knew my blog was different. There aren’t many high school students blogging about running and food! I think your posts will have a lot more meaning if you can be honest and use it to help you in your weight loss journey.
    I’m a big fan of smaller meals with more frequency. I hate feeling “weighed down” by my food when I eat it all at once, and eating through out the day makes me feel a lot more energized!

  7. I have only been reading your blog for a little bit but I am enjoying it! I too have had to take a step back sometimes from my blog because it is a hobby and being a mom to three doesnt always allow for so much time for such hobbies! Then I just get stressed out and its not fun any more.
    Once I blog from the heart then my personalitly comes through and those are the best post that I have written, not the forced ones.

    I am enjoying reading yours very much and I am cheering you on right here with your weight loss progress.
    You are an inspiration for many!

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