Something I have been debating posting, but I need some ideas. I feel like I am hungry all.the.time.

I realized today that it’s because I’m trying to eat “by the clock,” instead of eating based on how I’m feeling. For example, it’s 7am and I’m starving, but I think that if I eat now, when will I be able to eat lunch? Instead of just eating then and having some fruit or something else later in the morning, I starve myself until I get home from dropping off the two oldest at school and it’s almost 9am before I eat anything. This probably wouldn’t even be an issue, except I’m up at 4:15am to workout and don’t eat until almost 5 hours later. Now that I’m typing this all out, it sounds utterly ridiculous and I really don’t know why I do it. Speaking of which;



Sweet and Spicy Egg Sandwich

  • Whole wheat english muffin
  • 3Tbsp. liquid egg whites
  • Trader Joe’s Sweet and Hot Pepper Jelly
  • Apple with cinnamon

This seems like a reasonable breakfast right? The trouble is, I’m SO hungry by the time I eat this, it doesn’t even make a dent in my hunger levels. It’s like this every day, then instead of eating something mid-morning, what do I do? Oh yeah, starve myself until 1pm when my youngest is down for a nap.


Picnik collage

This was so good and if it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right!!

  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 1 egg
  • salsa

Rounded out with a carrot and hummus.


Once again, it hasn’t even been 2 hours since I inhaled ate this and I could easily eat my arm off if I needed to. It’s like I CAN’T get the hunger satisfied for longer than an hour and a half.

So what to do now? My plan?

I can’t eat anything before I work out. I’m barely awake enough to tie my shoes and I’m honestly not hungry right away, but I realize I need to eat something between the time I’m done and 9am. I can’t keep going the way I’m going!

I also need to make sure I’m eating every couple of hours so I don’t get the “holy cow I have to eat right this second” feeling.

Any other suggestions? Please help me, I’m starving!!!!


12 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. Not only does waiting make your belly growl, it’s horrible for your metabolism. Think of it this way: your belly growls, and your body is eating away at hard earned muscle! You definitely need to have something every few hours so your metabolism works properly, like a furnace, which will torch those calories all day long.

    A few ideas/suggestions:
    -drink at least 12 ounces of water every hour throughout the day–this will keep you fuller.
    -have you tried to have small protein shake to have between your workout and breakfast? you can easily make a 150 calorie shake that will be filling, nutritious and ward off hunger until you have time to eat.. plus, it’s portable!
    -try not to go more than 3 hours between eating *something*.. if you like to have a breakfast and a lunch, both that are bigger, that’s fine.. just have a little 100-150 calorie snack between B/L/D to keep the metabolism revved

    This is just what works for me! xo

  2. Fruit is free on WW program now so you can definitely fill the voids. You shouldn’t be exercising without eating (you didn’t mention if you eat before you exercise or not, just that it’s 5 hours until you eat after your workout). If you’re doing any sort of weights or interval training, a protein shake within 30 minutes of ending your workout is very desirable for helping your body replenish what you’ve burned and build/repair muscle.

    If you are consistently (and here’s where you have to be honest with yourself) eating healthy, whole foods (fruit, veg, lean protein, good fat) as the bulk of your food…and you are exercising…it is entirely possible that your body is burning through that fuel quicker than you are replenishing it. I am a FIRM believer in the science that is Weight Watchers (especially the new program) however I’m an even FIRMER believer in listening to your body. If you are truly hungry because you have truly been eating properly, then feed yourself. No one got fat by adding an extra egg to breakfast or two bananas in a day. While the Weight Watchers guidelines are excellent, they really are only guidelines.

  3. Try to find something that you can grab right after your workout!! It’s actually really bad for your metabolism to wait so long to eat in the morning! Your body thinks that you are “starving” it, so it doesn’t burn fat!!

  4. Are you eating any of the Points that you earn with exercise? My leader told me that if I earn more than 3-4 Points with exercise, that I should plan to consume extra Points (she suggested half, but the point really is that your body is burning those extra calories and you need to make some of them up). She also said that you should plan to eat within an hour of getting up, for your metabolisms sake – I mentioned that I exercised first and she said to make sure that I eat within an hour of finishing. I try to have something high in protein after my workout – a shake or a protein bar.

    Remember, you could still be feeling hungry after eating what should fill you up could be because you are so hungry that you eat faster and your stomach doesn’t have the time to tell your brain that you are full.

  5. Lots of other people have given some great tips up there! A few other things that help me when I just feel like I’m ALWAYS HUNGRY:

    -Drink a full glass of water (even if you’re not thirsty) before a meal
    -Have you tried Scandanavian Bran Crisps? They’re 13 calories, and basically all fiber. They don’t taste good, but I put like a tsp of nut butter on them. It makes it taste good, and it can SERIOUSLY fill you up for very few calories!

  6. Your meals look great. I just wonder if you are eating often enough. I don’t think I could go that long between meals without eating the house.

    I have noticed when I don’t get enough protein I tend to feel hungry. Maybe and apple & Peanut butter or fruit & cheese for a midday snack would help.

    I think you are awesome for getting up early and working out. Do you eat anything before working out? If not, maybe you could have something like a protein shake before to hold you over until you have time to eat.

  7. I’m so guilty of this. I just remind myself that I have to wake up my metabolism. Also maybe it would help to add in a source of healthy fat? That always helps keep me full. I’ve heard that people who eat nuts while trying to lose weight tend to feel more satisfied – good luck figuring it out!

  8. You should try a protein shake (mixed with water) to get some protein in after your workouts to tide you over until your actual breakfast, otherwise I would suggest you eating your normal breakfast within 30 minutes of coming home from the gym and then having a shake or fruit once you become hungry later in the morning. I hope this helps!

  9. I used to be like this too when I first started out on my journey…I’m not so much like this anymore…

    My suggestion?

    If you are hungry, EAT. DO NOT feel guilty for eating if it’s not at the “typical time.” If you have to eat an hour earlier, so be it. If you are starving in the afternoon, have some fruit, veggies or a handful of almonds!

    Also make sure to keep your fluid intake up…Water and tea are my hunger fighters…A lot of times I feel hungry but that’s because I haven’t drank enough…

    Keep on keeping’ on honey!

  10. I like what everyone has said – if you are hungry EAT! I always grab a little something before I work out. It helps with that “I am so starving” feeling after. After my workout I tend to have a protein shake as well. It breaks down and is absorbed quickly by the body.

  11. Hot liquids with each meal will help you feel more full. Also choosing high fiber fruit like an apple as a snack, frozen grapes are great, and volume meals with veggies and beans will fill you with nutrients and fiber. Stop looking at the clock and start noticing patterns ( ie eggs make you full and toast does not) as well as checking in with yourself and what you need to discuss in the way of challenges at meetings or with a counselor or an online forum. You are not the first and will not be the last on ww with this issue. I am positive! Im also positive you will find the solution here and succeed.

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