Poor Brussels Sprout

This poor little vegetable gets such a bad rap. Up until today I was scared to eat them because of all the bad press they get. Even the husband of mine who will eat anything, refuses to eat the sprouts. It all changed today. Thankfully, I bought the big bag at Costco.


Since I’m already raving about the wonders of the sprout, we’ll go in reverse order of meals today and I’ll start with lunch.



Trader Joe’s Veggie Masala burger (3P+) on an english muffin (3P+) The veggie burgers taste like mashed potatoes with vegetables mixed in, and a little spice mixed in. I bought these on a whim one day and they are now a staple in our freezer.


And then I had a cup of roasted brussels sprouts. I used a teaspoon of canola oil (1P+) and salt and pepper.


For dessert, I had bowl of sliced kiwi (0P+)




Egg sandwich with one egg (it broke in half) (2P+) on two slices of whole wheat bread (4P+)


Along with a slice of cheese and loads of hot sauce. The spicier the better (that’s what she said…)

Behind the scenes action of my photography “studio”


Super fancy.

Time to cuddle with my DVR and watch last night’s Gossip Girl. Have a great rest of the day!!


36 thoughts on “Poor Brussels Sprout

  1. I wish I could like brussel sprouts but I just can’t do it. I think they’re the only veggie I don’t like, it’s something about the taste and texture of them. More for you!

  2. I love brussel sprouts! I only tried them for the first time earlier this year. At first I wasn’t a fan and had to dress ’em up, but now they’re addicting!! I can’t believe people don’t like them

  3. I love brussels sprouts! I eat mine plain with ketchup and it grosses everyone out. haha! I hear so many good things about those veggie burgers but there is no TJ’s here unfortunately.

    All your photos look awesome and I’m lovin’ your photography studio :] Mine is on a bamboo rug on the kitchen floor right under a big window. Natural lights works wonders on food photos. I’m really glad I found your blog!

  4. Bleh not a fan of brussel sprouts! I think I need to learn how to really flavor them up a bit more! I am with you on “the spicier the better!”. And your “that’s what she said” reminds me of The Office oh I love that show!

  5. Even my Indian aunt LOVES the TJ Masala Burgers. That is how authentic they really are…and yes, they are a staple around here too.

    I love brussels…actually I love almost every vegetable. Lima beans are probably the only one I could do without. 🙂

  6. I love brussel sprouts! My husband wouldn’t ever eat them until we went to visit his parents in Montana this past April. He finally decided to try them and loved them! Of course the ones he had had bacon on them, but needless to say he now loves brussel sprouts!

  7. Brussels are one of my FAVE veggies – I just made a huge pan of roasted ones tonight so I can munch on them 🙂
    I will def pick up those burgers at TJ’s when I’m there again – I haven’t tried those ones 🙂

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