Pictures from the Long Beach Half

Okay there are going to be a lot of pictures.  I’m sorry that some of these are so crappy, but hello?  I took them while I was running.  If I had to stop every time I took a picture my time would have been more than 3 hours!  And my husband never saw me on the course (cuz I’m ninja like that) so he only got a picture from the distance of me crossing the finish line.  So here we go!

Waiting for my heat to start.  I was in heat 5.

Coming up to the start line, finally!
Here we go!  Almost at one mile mark.

Hey that’s my shadow 🙂
Mile 7.  This part of the course was all along the ocean.  Not a great shot though.

Long Beach Fire Dept. Carnival Cruise Ship and Queen Mary in the background.
More Queen Mary and Carnival Cruise ship

I think this was right after the start line
My awesome bib, customized!
Me before the race started
Another one of me 🙂
This was mile 20 for the marathon, and mile 10 for me.
That is all I took.  After about mile 10 I was really just focusing on finishing.


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