Egg, Chili, Cheese Wrap


AKA: Best Lunch Ever. It was an accident, really. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted for lunch, I spent the morning painting (story of my life), so I looked in the fridge for leftovers. At first, I was going to go simple and have an egg and cheese wrap.


But then I saw the leftover chili…

It was a match made in lunch time heaven. This would be good for any meal really, and thank goodness I still have some chili left.


Egg, Chili Cheese Wrap

Whole Wheat Wrap


Chili (I used 1/2 a cup)

Cheese (you can never use too much)

* Layer on tortilla, wrap and devour.

I also had a banana, that was camera shy.


And now it’s back to painting. Any volunteers?

What’s the best meal you have had lately?


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