32 by 32

Today I turn 31. In honor of my birthday, I have come up with 32 things I want to do before turning 32.

  1. Train for and run a 5K
  2. Train for and run a 10K
  3. Train for and run a half marathon
  4. Train for and run a marathon
  5. Build up my blog and make it the best it can be
  6. Read 32 books
  7. Reach my happy weight
  8. Complete a 90 day round of P90X
  9. Complete a 90 day round of ChaLEAN Extreme
  10. Complete a round (can’t remember how long it is) of Turbo Fire
  11. Become better organized with my home
  12. Start yoga
  13. Attend a blog conference
  14. Attend a fitness convention
  15. Learn how to better use my camera
  16. Work on family relationships
  17. Buy a new lens for my camera
  18. Work on friendships
  19. Work on myself
  20. Go to new restaurants
  21. Order something new every time we go out to eat
  22. Climb the sand dunes at Silver Lake Sand Dunes
  23. Climb the giant sand dunes at Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes
  24. Stop talking about selling photos and actually do it
  25. Print some of my own pictures to hang in the house
  26. Get caught up on family scrapbooks
  27. Start a garden
  28. Can vegetables and possibly fruits from my garden
  29. Organize a Michigan blogger meet up
  30. Meet more blogger friends
  31. Learn how to take a compliment
  32. Be the best wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter I can be!!!

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