Hitting the pavement

Last night, or early this morning, a storm started brewing up here, it was 8am and still pitch black outside. Under other circumstances, this would have been awesome, but for anyone who has tried to entertain 3 kids in a trailer while it’s raining knows that a rainy day = bad day!!! Thanks to the cloud cover and rain, I bring the worst food pictures ever.

Breakfast: Eggs, canadian bacon, grapes and a babybel light cheese. I’ve never had that cheese before, but WOW is it good!!!!


Thankfully, after lunch, the sun started to peek out and we were able to go outside and let out some very pent up energy!!!!

Lunch: Roasted chicken on an Aunt Millie’s Slimwich, topped with romaine, cheese and mustard with a banana on the side.


This lunch was the perfect fuel for a long run(ok, almost all walking) around the campsite.


As I hit the gravel pavement, I realized why running is cheaper than therapy (as the saying goes…) I felt so free. I was able to clear my mind and just go. I now see the appeal to running long distances!!! I also had some ideas for the blog (that I’ll share when I get home), that I’m pretty excited about. I really didn’t want the run walk to be over, but I had 3 anxious kids and a husband waiting for me to go swimming when I returned. Not to mention my shins are KILLING me; any tips?!


As you can tell, I’m not very fast.

Speaking of the family, there are currently 3 tired monkeys ready for me to finish writing so I can tuck them in; so I’ll leave you with dinner Smile

Dinner: Veggie burger on a toasted Slimwich with baked beans and a nectarine.


I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day! It’s supposed to be a high of only 65; and I can’t wait!!!! Perfect day to sit by the fire and read a book Smile


4 thoughts on “Hitting the pavement

  1. I dont know if I knew about the new site or not but I love it! No tips on the shin pain but it will get better. I had calf pain when I was running and when I increased my distance it eventually went away. Soooooo envious of your weather!

  2. You need new shoes, stretch before you go, and drink more water. For the shoes, don’t just buy whatever you think is cute. Go to a store that specializes in running, and have them watch you run or walk, and fit you. The shoes will be expensive, but you won’t have as much pain. I always thought, shoes are shoes are shoes, but when I started running further, shoes that are made for the way that I run has made all the difference.

  3. Turns out I am not fast either, but I am now getting to the point where my breathing is in control when I run, makes all the difference!

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your holiday weekend!

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