Work Out Recap

Tuesday after work I ran.  I was hot, and slow.

I am hopeful that I can get a little faster in the coming weeks.

After I got home I was really hungry.  I heard a term on another blog “rungry”.  I LOVE it! 

I raided the fridge for some leftover white cheddar mac n cheese with a plum.

And some of these bad boys

I bought a huge container of these cherries from Costco and I am so sad to report that they are gone.  I hope they have more when I go back this weekend!  They were seriously the best cherries EVER.

Yesterday we were having some computer problems at work and the only time the guy could come to look at it was during lunch.  So no workout yesterday, and I went out to lunch so food wasn’t that great.  I wasn’t that hungry at dinner still, and I went to a church activity to learn how to make jam.  Of course there was some to sample, complete with homemade bread.  I went a little overboard on that.  Then when I got home around 9pm I was hungry again and had some leftover Mexican food from the weekend–a taco and refried beans.  It was so greasy, it will be a long time before I go back to that restaurant again.

Today my plan is to crank out 4 miles during my lunch break on the treadmill.  Running on the treadmill helps me to keep my pace a little quicker and walk less.  I had 3 scrambled egg whites on a tortilla with white cheddar and buffalo sauce for breakfast.  Lunch is leftover mac n cheese and the last of my cherries.  Dinner will be salads with buffalo chicken ( I know, I still can’t get enough of buffalo sauce!).


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