Check my Distance

It’s actually more than this now, and I wanted to take this picture right at 262 miles, but I forgot.  That best mile time is totally wrong, too.  But this is the distance of 10 marathons, that I have ran, since starting my running journey in September of 2010.

I only ran once this week, but I made it count.  I ran 13.1 miles, which is a half marathon.  I finished in just under 3 hours, but I was really fighting myself and hope I can do better when I run the real race on May 1. I’ve only ran this distance once before, and it is so hard on my body.  My left hip was killing me yesterday and all last night.  But my shins weren’t bothering me, and my calves stayed nice and loose.  I only stopped once, to use the outhouse (lovely, huh?), and to have a Gu packet and some water.  I also ran with Bryan’s camelpack and I think that really helped me with hydration.  Otherwise who knows how long it would have taken!  Also I think part of my problem was that I did a 60 minute work out on the Precor Friday, plus went to town big time on my legs with the weights–squats, dead lifts, leg press, calf press, and abs on the swiss ball.  Probably not the best idea to hit the legs hard the day before a long run.  Live and learn, right?

OK, TMI coming.  I have got to get one of those sticks for chafing.  Seriously.  My ass crack was on fire yesterday.


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